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Acupuncture IVF support after egg retrieval

There are so many ways that acupuncture can support you during an IVF cycle and there is much excitement and literature being published about it’s use pre and post embryo transfer. But one area that is not getting the attention it deserves is acupuncture treatment to support you after the egg retrieval procedure. FGHG Acupuncturist Joanne Sharkey explains.

Meet the special in your IVF Specialist – Dr. Manuela Toledo

In the first of our “Meet the special in your Specialist” interview series, we speak with Dr. Manuela Toledo from Melbourne IVF to learn more about her and the approach she takes as a fertility specialist. Manuela also shares with us a little of her best advice for anyone who is trying to conceive.

Experiencing Infertility: Are You a Team?

There are couples who seem to naturally function as a team no matter what their circumstance. Others have very separate lives as valued independent and high functioning adults that happen also to be in a relationship. This difference does not particularly matter until perhaps there is an unexpected event such as infertility

Vitamin D Essentials

Vitamin D3 (as opposed to vitamin D2 which is found in plants) is absorbed through our skin from exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is then processed by the liver, then in the kidney, before going into circulation through our body to assist in wellbeing in all sorts of ways. Learn more about the essential vitamin D and how to get more of it.