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Back pain? Simple, just pull your head in.

Prevention is the best cure, but even if you are experiencing pain it’s never too late to implement a regular routine of exercise, good postural awareness and to seek treatment for back problems before things get complicated.

An inspiring patient story

We recently received this fantastic story from a patient and knew that you would love to read it. We love a positive outcome but we don’t often get to tell the story from a patients point of view. We’d like to do more of this so if you would like to share your story, email us as per the details at the end of this story.

Why natural medicine?

At Fertile Ground Health Group we are all about helping you and your body to perform at your best – whatever challenges you might be facing. Our goal is to help you be and stay healthy, happy, balanced and energised – body, mind and spirit.


If there is one thing many women trying to conceive are sure about, it is where they are in their menstrual cycle.


For more than 30 years, Rhea’s work with women and couples around transforming pain in labour has positively influenced thousands of births. Her passion and skill as a powerful educator about normal physiological childbirth is captured potently in this book. She is truly a wise woman of our time.

Hay Fever Season Tips

We’ve seen a few cases of full blown hay fever this year. This changeable weather seems to really challenge our immune systems. Pollens, damp, drying winds one after the other. Seems like no matter what your trigger is this year everyone is copping it!

Natural induction of labour

This is a controversial one so we thought we would address it head on and clarify some of the myths and misinformation that seems to be circulating about labour inductionin the community.

Essentials of sleep

“… it is very often simple lifestyle measures that make a difference to their capacity for sleeping well.”