At Fertile Ground Health Group, our practitioners are experienced in working with couples undergoing IVF and other assisted reproduction methods. They have a thorough knowledge of the IVF process and the physical and emotional experiences you may have during this time.
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Importantly, because our practitioners are supporting couples through assisted reproductive approaches on a daily basis, they are also highly attuned and sympathetic to the emotional stresses you may experience. IVF is a highly specialised process requiring expert support to ensure you receive the most effective and safest natural medicine approaches available.

During your IVF treatment we may help you in one or more of the following ways:

  • Naturopathic support includes pre-conception care, physical, mental and emotional health support during treatment, and miscarriage prevention measures. Research conducted in the U.K. showed that IVF success rates more than doubled when preceded by a period of preconception health care. Our naturopaths will explore thorough testing, medical history and other clues to understand the factors most likely to be affecting your fertility. We apply proven strategies to improve hormonal balance, ovulation, sperm health, diagnosed fertility conditions as well as approaches to understand and treat the possible underlying causes of undiagnosed infertility.
  • Provision of specific nutritional and herbal medicine interventions tailored to your particular needs. We aim to both ensure optimal health for fertility and replete nutrition to support a healthy and successful pregnancy.
  • Recent studies have shown Acupuncture support to be especially successful in enhancing IVF outcomes. Proven protocols include preconception care, egg collection support, pre and post embryo transfer and miscarriage prevention. Your acupuncturist will seek to enhance normal and optimal reproductive function in both men and women, using acupuncture, and sometimes Chinese herbal medicine. Acupuncture has been shown to be particularly effective at moderating the affects of stress.
  • Stress management and nervous/adrenal system support will enable your body and mind to cope more effectively with ongoing treatment.
  • Advice and support on whole of life approaches to health and fertility enhancement. We find most of our patients are seeking answers and want to be actively involved in doing all they can to aid the success of their quest to have a baby. We provide resources to help you assess what changes you want to enhance your conception efforts and the support to ensure you feel making change is achievable.
  • Appropriate physical treatment with osteopathy or massage to restore balance, reduce stress, assist physical imbalance and enhance circulation and blood supply to affected areas.

We work closely with your other medical and health professionals to ensure efficacy and safety of treatment. With your consent, we advise in writing of all treatment undertaken with us for your medical records.

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