Do you do home visits?

In need of a massage after you have given birth to bub but finding it inconvenient to come into our practice? Fertile Ground Health Group offers home visits as well as hospital visits for all postnatal massage services. To book a home or hospital visit please contact reception on (03) 9419 9988 or email Subject to suburb availability and occasionally travel fees will apply.

When should I come in for induction massage?

Many of the pregnant women we massage have regular massage throughout their pregnancy to help their body adjust to the increasing load. We certainly recommend this but can of course see women at any stage of their pregnancy. We recommend coming for induction massage around the time of your due date – it is better to begin while you still have time rather than leaving it to the last minute when you may feel under more pressure to go into labour. Our aim is to help you feel supported, healthy, ready and relaxed so your body will transition into labour when it is ready.

How does the induction massage work?

Our massage therapists have been specially trained to understand how acupressure and massage techniques can be combined to create the ultimate oxytocin stimulating, deeply relaxing massage. Oxytocin is the hormone your body produces to stimulate contractions – all this happens naturally when your baby releases a hormonal signal when he or she is ready to be born. Oxytocin, often referred to as the hormone of love, is stimulated by pleasure, relaxation, loving feelings, sex and other social, sharing and pleasurable experiences.

Massage can be used to create relaxation and pleasure states and acupressure points are used to stimulate the uterus and move your qi and blood. We have found this combination to be highly effective and particularly so when combined with acupuncture induction – especially if a medical induction is looming. Massage induction is especially useful for pregnant women, who are fearful of acupuncture or suffering from stress, anxiety or fatigue.

What is the mother roasting massage?

Our Mother Roasting massages are based on traditional restorative techniques used in many cultures for post natal women. The treatment involves ‘warming’ the mother in some way (hence the name) and providing deep, relaxing, restful, restorative massage. New mums commonly experience aches and pains associated with birth recovery, lost sleep, new routines, major physiological, emotional and psychological changes and breastfeeding. As well as massage we use moxibustion (a technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine), warming oils, acupressure warm fluffy towels and other techniques to give mum the ultimate 90 minutes of bliss.

You can have as many Mother Roasting treatments as you like and it is never too late! Mothers of toddlers, tweens and even teens would still just love this treatment. There is no real cap on when to have it. All mothers need and deserve this kind of indulgence and care. Only by looking after yourself can you be the best mother you can be.

Mother Roasting is a great gift for the mother to be or new mum. You’ll find out gift vouchers here!

I’m pregnant. Is massage safe for me?

Absolutely! Our massage therapists are highly trained professionals and can safely and confidently provide massage at ANY STAGE of pregnancy – from day one to week 42! Massage is the ideal way to manage the increasing physical load of pregnancy and many of the associated symptoms of pain, cramp, spasm and other discomfort. Not to mention how relaxing and stress relieving massage can be! Surely when you are pregnant this is the one time you can unquestioningly justify a massage for yourself? Self care is paramount to a happy, healthy pregnancy and massage is an important part of that.

Our massage therapists are also trained to provide induction massage to help you go into labour at the end of your pregnancy. A deeply relaxing massage incorporating acupressure points to stimulate contractions is a very successful approach for many women.

After your baby is born our massage therapists provide special treatments to help new mums recover from birth, sleeplessness, breastfeeding, stress and fatigue. Read more about Mother Roasting.

Finally, some of our massage therapists are trained to provide and teach parents the lovely skill of infant massage. For more information check in with reception.