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All Clear – Live your life on purpose

10/08/2019 |

All Clear – Live your life on purpose: A Bali immersion experience with Charmaine Dennis

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Bali immersion for cancer recovery 

20-26th October 2019

Ubud, Bali

Our lives can’t help but be changed by our experience with cancer. While change starts occurring immediately on diagnosis, we are so busy with the basics of survival through the treatment phase that there isn’t time or space for reflection on the meaning of it all.  The experience can be transformative in itself to feel that we have “beaten” it, or leave us feeling shattered and bewildered.

What has this all meant? Will anything actually be changed? What is this pressure to feel transformed?

It can also leave so many of us feeling lost with what to do next.

While our loved ones and support team breathe a sigh of relief around us and get on with their lives, we feel we don’t want to just pick up the pieces and return to “normal”. It is easy to see – the old normal is what got us into this in the first place.

Many of us are left wondering how exactly our lives have/will change. Health, relationships, family, children, career, spirituality, lifestyle, diet, travel, sense of purpose …  everything is up for question. The lasting effects of treatment on our body and mind can also leave us feeling like we don’t have it in us to work like we used to, or even want to.

As life rolls on and we get back into it, we see how old patterns really do die hard. When do we get to stop and ask the beautiful questions of ourselves? Of our lives?  Of our choices? Time is needed to really consider these important and beautiful questions to find a new way forward.

What am I going to do with this one precious life?

“All Clear” immersion is for people who have survived though cancer diagnosis and treatment and been given the much desired “all clear” (or are learning to live life with their cancer).  This immersion will give you clarity on how to recreate your life on purpose.

Together, we go on a deeply personal journey. We explore our life stories, the qualities we have developed to survive and thrive, our values, sense of purpose and “why” – and what all of this means moving forward in our lives.

When we anchor to the question “How do I want to feel?” rather than “what do I want to achieve?” in this life, everything changes. We will dive deep into this together and consider the possibilities of living a life outside of the box of how we know ourselves now.

An opportunity to focus on you

Carefully crafted to support your recovery and re-emergence into life, you will come away feeling rested, rejuvenated, and equipped with the tools, techniques and strategies you need for ongoing healthy self-care. Through expertly curated workshop-style process, we support you to delve deeply and help you find answers to life’s big questions. You will get clarity and start to imagine the possibility of living the life of your dreams – living your life on purpose.

Daily reflective self-enquiry workshops are blended with a unique and extremely powerful exploration of meditation and visualisation, moon yoga, qigong, tantra, kundalini shake, Buteyko breathing, nutrition, nature, traditional Balinese healing and nurturing relaxation experiences. We are extremely passionate about self-care and this is reflected in the program all week long. This is an opportunity to slow right down. To rest and reconnect with yourself, feel a sense of rejuvenation, possibility, and a deep connection with what you want for yourself in this life.

Undoubtedly there will be tears shared as we release the old parts of ourselves. And we will have a lot of fun and laughter too!! All emotions are welcome here. This is life at its most alive.

Your Facilitator

My name is Charmaine Dennis. I am the founding director of the wonderful natural medicine practice Fertile Ground Health Group in Melbourne, Australia. I am also a naturopath, author, speaker, yoga teacher, meditator, facilitator, lover and mum.

Like you, my life was turned upside down by a sudden diagnosis of cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukaemia – 9 years ago now. Since my “all clear”, I have had to work out how to re-engage with life and my work in a completely new way. Old habits do indeed die hard and it really is true – nothing changes if nothing changes.

I have been running immersions with naturopath Gill Stannard in Bali for burnt out health practitioners for the past 3 years, with people questioning why they are doing what they are doing, and discovering how to move forward in a more authentically connected way, with re-invigorated sense of purpose.

This work is a total joy for me and I am thrilled to share it with people in this phase of getting back into life after cancer.

My partner Carly Woods will also be joining us and will be a wonderful support for all of us. She is a naturopath and Buteyko practitioner and will be facilitating nourishing practices as well as providing logistical support in the lead up and throughout the immersion.

I Believe

Taking time to slow right down is essential. We need space to reflect more deeply and ask the beautiful questions of ourselves and each other, to share experience and story and learn that we are not as alone as we can sometimes feel. We need space to really listen to our own inner wisdom and discover how we can align our lives to something more authentic and true for us. We need space to feel all the possibility of being alive.

Find more information including sign up, registration and other retreat opportunities here

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