Emily Macfarlane, Naturopath at The Melbourne Apothecary

Welcome to MA’s August 2021 Love Letter. We’ve been receiving MA’s monthly love letters from The Melbourne Apothecary since the beginning of 2020. These letters contain links to a variety of life enhancing freebies that our fabulous practitioners are constantly creating to help you cope during COVID and beyond.

The letters are also a fantastic and charismatic resource that share all the goings on within both The MA and Fertile Ground. So we thought we’d best share them with you here so that you can join in and receive the monthly intel from our delightful and ever wisdomous MA. Please enjoy.


I am thrilled to announce that Emily Macfarlane has officially joined The Melbourne Apothecary team to offer general health naturopathic consults to our wonderful community (yes, that’s you).

Here in the land of the MA we really believe in meeting you where you’re at to inspire healthy change. Everyday your wellness is your choice. Emily is a wonderful addition to our team because her focus is on exactly this → fine-tuning your foundational health and daily choices to help you magnify your capacity to enjoy life.

Emily loves to help you:
  • enhance your energy and vitality,
  • rectify sleep issues,
  • support your gut health and
  • optimise your hormonal, thyroid and metabolic health.

Do any of those strike a chord?

Is it time to take your self-care up a notch and prioritise nourishing your body? If your answer is a resounding, “YES YES that’s what I need!!!…But how exactly…?” then great! It’s just a matter of starting with small steps and letting your health momentum build.

Like an avalanche. Or a giant, rolling rock gathering speed. Or clouds amassing to collide in a vibrant electrical storm display of immense natural power…you get the picture. Momentum. Your body was built to thrive – all it needs is the right conditions to do so.  Learn what those conditions are to get a head start on your health.

Free 10min Naturopathic Consults

Emily is currently offering free Naturopathic 10 minute consults to help get you started towards better health. These sessions are a chance for you to make sure the therapeutic relationship is a great fit and to  get clarity about what you want to achieve.

This is also an opportunity for  you to start with simple, implementable lifestyle/diet changes and tailored supplemental support if required, as well as to initiate any referrals to specialists or blood testing that may be required before proceeding.

Book online →  www.bit.ly/myfree10 

Access your free 10 minute initial consultation with Emily by navigating to Naturopathy > Free 10 minute consult > Emily Macfarlane.

Spring is around the corner. Time to get that pep in your step.

Love MA