Postpartum Recovery Through Massage After Birth

massage after birth

Bringing a child into this world is a profound, transformative experience. While the joy and love that accompany motherhood are immeasurable, the toll it can take on a human body is undeniable. This is where postnatal massage – specifically our signature Mother Roasting Massage, comes into play. Let’s delve into the world of massage after birth, exploring its benefits, techniques, and why every new mother should consider incorporating it into their post-birth recovery plan.

What is Mother Roasting Massage, and Why Does it Matter After Birth?

After the incredible feat of childbirth, how ever your baby arrived to this world, a mother’s body goes through a whirlwind of changes. Mother Roasting Massage, an ancient practice rooted in various cultures around the world, aims to provide relief and healing during the postpartum period. This gentle, soothing massage therapy is designed to help mothers recover from the toll of childbirth.

The journey of motherhood begins at birth, and the postpartum period is equally transformative. Postnatal massage plays a pivotal role in helping women recover physically and emotionally, offering a holistic approach to healing. It aids in addressing the physical discomfort and emotional challenges that mothers may face in the postpartum period.

The Benefits of Postnatal Massage / Mother Roasting Massage After Birth

  1. Pain relief and relaxation post-birth. Many women experience a range of physical discomforts, from sore muscles to lingering pain from childbirth. Mother Roasting Massage can provide much-needed pain relief and relaxation, helping new mothers feel more at ease during their recovery.
  2. Mood regulation and hormonal imbalances are common after childbirth, leading to mood swings, anxiety, and even postpartum depression. Massage after birth can help to soothe your nervous system, promoting emotional well-being and reducing the risk of postpartum mood disorders with the healing power of touch.
  3. Improved circulation facilitates faster healing of the body’s tissues and organs. This can be particularly beneficial for mothers who have birth by cesarean section or experienced tearing or episiotomy during vaginal births.
  4. Breast feeding milk flow can be supported with massage as it helps to relieved tension commonly associated with feeding, carrying and holding your baby. Promoting circulation and lymph around the breasts, under the arms and neck can help to encourage flow and reduce blockages.
  5. Scar tissue reduction. Massaging the abdomen and other areas with scar tissue can help reduce its appearance and improve overall comfort. This is especially important for mothers who have had surgery during childbirth. Massage can help when the would is completely healed.

The Techniques of Mother Roasting Massage

Relaxation and Stress Reduction – Mother Roasting Massage is a deeply relaxing experience, with techniques aimed at reducing stress and promoting emotional healing. It’s a vital component of the postpartum recovery process.

Posture and Body Realignment – Pregnancy can significantly impact a woman’s posture and it’s common to experience aches and pains in your body after birth. Postnatal massage includes techniques that help realign the body and improve posture, aiding in overall comfort and well-being.

Moxibustion – Our massage therapists have been trained to use this incredibly nourishing therapy, applying direct heat to specific traditional Chinese points along meridians to boost energy  and aid recovery. Adding Moxa to your treatment is a special part of Mother Roasting that women LOVE.

Warm Wheat Bags, applied to the body, help to soothe sore muscles, increase blood flow, and promote relaxation.

Why Choose Professional Postnatal Massage Services

  1. Expertise Matters. Professional postnatal massage services, like those offered at Fertile Ground, come with the advantage of expertise. Trained massage practitioners with years of experience supporting pregnant and birthing mothers understand the unique needs of the postpartum phase, ensuring a safe and effective experience.
  2. Customisation. Every mother’s postpartum journey is unique. Our professional massage therapists will tailor Mother Roasting Massage to address individual concerns and preferences, offering a personalised healing experience.
  3. Safe Environment. Our postnatal massage services provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment, with a day spa feel, creating the ideal setting for relaxation and healing.
  4. Supportive Postpartum Care. In addition to the massage itself, postnatal massage services often provide valuable advice and support, helping mothers navigate the challenges of the postpartum period.

Embrace Postnatal Massage for a Healing Postpartum Experience

Embracing Mother Roasting Massage as part of your postpartum recovery plan is a decision that can significantly impact your well-being and overall experience as a new mother. The benefits are numerous, from pain relief and relaxation to hormone regulation and emotional healing. The techniques used in postnatal massage are carefully designed to address the unique needs of postpartum women, promoting physical and emotional recovery.

Whether you’ve just welcomed your first child or you’re an experienced mother, consider incorporating professional postnatal massage into your postpartum journey. If you’re a partner or loved one of someone who has given birth, a Mother Roasting Massage is a fantastic gift of support and celebration that the person receiving it will love!!

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Experience the healing power of Mother Roasting Massage

At Fertile Ground, we offer expert postnatal massage services in Melbourne, providing personalised care and support during your postpartum recovery. Contact us today on (03) 9419 9988 / or book your session online and embark on a journey of healing, relaxation, and emotional well-being. Take a step towards a more comfortable and fulfilling postpartum experience.

Remember, your body and mind deserve the utmost care and attention during this transformative time. Postnatal massage after birth is a beautiful way to honour and nurture yourself as you embrace the incredible journey of motherhood.

More resources for the post-partum period

Our naturopaths have created an incredible resource for you in the post-partum phase with lots of supportive ideas, podcasts, our favorite books and practitioners to support you for what ever you need.  Download now – A free Ebook for the 4th Trimester – Caring for you and baby

Self Care for Autumn Changes

Autumn Changes with Reina Hanaoka from Fertile Ground Health Group

How to look after yourself in Autumn

According to Eastern medicine, Autumn is the driest season. What can you do to support yourself during this transitional time and the impacts that this shift has on your system?

You might notice that your skin can start to feel dry and itchy, your mind unsettled and distracted, and some discomfort in your joints and muscles. This can occur because as Summer bends slowly into the cold and windy days of Winter, the dryness in our bodies can mirror the inherent dryness of the Autumn weather shaping the environment around us (like the leaves browning and falling crisp to the ground).

Our lungs and large intestines are more vulnerable in Autumn, which can lead to constipation and/or bloating. Asthma and/or a dry cough are also common in this season.  It is important to look after yourself now so that your body can get ready for the cold Winter season without any trouble.

How to prevent dryness in the body.

Keep warm and moist

Swap out your shower for a warm bath with Epsom salts. This can provide both warmth and moisture at the same time to your body. Adding some oil into the bath in addition to the Epsom salts helps to keep your skin moist even after the bath. You can add warming essential oils like Cinnamon or Ginger to your bath to really bring the warmth to your body. 

Eat warm food

To support good digestion, avoid any cold foods from Summer (eg. Salad, cold drinks, smoothies etc.) Eating cooked, warm vegetables with warming spices can help to reduce any bloating and constipation that you might be experiencing.

Get an oil massage

As previously mentioned, oil is amazing for adding moisture to the body and massage helps to bring heat and warmth by increasing your circulation. Not only do oil massages relax your body and mind, they also help to prevent some of the conditions associated with the Autumn season. 

When you get an oil massage, on top of great outcome of the body releasing tension, the skin also absorbs all the benefits from oil itself. As a result, the skin is moisturised, movement in your joints and digestive system are soothed and busy minds start to calm down. You can add simple self-oil massage as a small routine at home with warming essential oils. Or if you don’t know how to do self massage, you can even just rub oil into your body to access the benefits.

Tips for self-oil massage at home
  1. Warm the oil before use (but not too hot!) and optionally – you can add essential oils
  2. Apply oil all over the body (don’t forget your head, ears and back of feet)
  3. Gently massage the body. Use circular movements (don’t worry about technique too much)
  4. Apply extra oil into the part of body you feel any discomfort (stomach, joints, skin or chest area)
  5. Keep oil on the skin 5-10 min
  6. Have a warm shower or bath

It’s a great idea to adjust your lifestyle to be in rhythm with the seasons and not against them. Understanding the seasons can give you an idea of what adjustments you can make to optimise your health. I believe that making these small, habitual changes to everyday life are the most beneficial way to achieve a healthier body and mind.

Written by Massage Therapist, Reina Hanaoka, who is also expanding her knowledge and and completing a course in Ayurvedic lifestyle consultancy. Book in a Massage with Reina to help you enhance your health this Autumn.

Connecting to nature: how Clary Sage essential oil supports the health of women and their wombs

clary sage

Mother Nature provides so many healing gifts to us, one of which is Clary Sage, botanical name Salvia Scarea. The gorgeous purple flowers that cascade down the stem of the plant hold the most special gift. It is in the flowers and foliage of the plant that contains its essential oil which is steam-distilled and extracted. This precious oil can then be used to assist women in so many ways. Here are some of the primary benefits.

  • Euphoric and uplifting in action it is beneficial for treating anxiety, stress, nervous tension and depression.
  • A balancing oil it is strengthening yet relaxing.
  • Assists with nervous fatigue
  • Effective for calming the mind and easing tension
  • Antispasmodic and Analgesic – brings relief to menstrual cramps, assists during labour
  • Uterine Tonic – can cause contractions of the uterus, which can assist in toning and improving the effectiveness of contractions in labour
  • Emmenagogue and uterine stimulant – promotes menstruation when it is delayed, scanty or completely absent.
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Oestrogenic action – meaning it mimics oestrogen which can be beneficial to balance hormones and during menopause. For menopause it can help reduce hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, as well as headaches and dizziness.

Stimulating and balancing the sacral and third eye chakras. The sacral chakra being connected to your sexual organs and third eye to your intuition.

How can I use Clary Sage?

You can use Clary Sage in applications such as:

  • Massage – add 12 drops of Clary Sage to 30mls of carrier oil. Carrier oils can include jojoba, rosehip, coconut, olive, almond, macadamia, any vegetable oils that are scrumptious and you adore to lather yourself in.
  • Hot/cold compress – add 4-6 drops to a bowl of hot/cold water and immerse your compress in the water. Repeat soaking of compress as desired.
  • Bath/foot bath – add 4 -6 drops
  • Skin care – add 2 drops to a 50 cent piece size of your daily body moisturiser. Avoid adding to facial moisturizer.
  • Inhalations – add 2-4 drops to a bowl of boiling water and use a towel to cover your head over the bowl and breath normally until steam dissipates.
  • Oil diffuser or vaporiser – add 4-6 drops

Massage is such a luscious way to absorb the benefits of Clary Sage. For that reason, and all the other benefits stated above, is why at Fertile Ground Health Group we use this essential oil in our birth preparation/induction massages.

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Although Clary Sage is a wonderful oil to use when preparing for and during childbirth, as well for menstruation and menopause. It is advised not to use during pregnancy before 37 weeks. Not to be consumed internally.

Nicole McCowan is an experienced remedial and pregnancy massage therapist. as well as a feminine embodiment yoga teacher. She finds both yoga and massage are wonderful ways to help women drop into their body (and out of the mind) and nourish their body, mind and spirit. Nicole has deep respect for where each woman is on her journey and will honour this as she helps facilitate healing and wellbeing through her divinely relaxing and therapeutic massage.

Emotional release during massage – an unexpected benefit

emotional release

While I was studying to become a Remedial Massage therapist I became fascinated by the change in another student’s reaction to touch. I had her lying on her back on the table and was practicing an abdominal sequence when she became quite giggly and I thought perhaps I was tickling her. She assured me that she wasn’t ticklish and as I proceeded to continue the massage her giggling was building up to a real belly laugh and then reducing to tears. It was surprising to say the least and I felt that I should try some calm breathing with her to bring her back to her equilibrium again, a technique that proved to be effective. I asked her afterwards if she had expected such a surge of emotion and she said no, that it just came out of nowhere.

Following that I also witnessed emotional changes in more people once I was practicing in a clinical setting, which prompted me to explore the reasons why these sometimes extreme and vulnerable changes were occurring. Most people reported a great sense of relief and peace afterwards and others became embarrassed and apologetic, to which I would remind them that they were in a safe place and it was a completely normal and natural thing to happen.

After some reading on the subject it was apparent that emotional release could be unlocked when accessing the soft tissue of the body through massage/touch. And to understand how this happens you need learn that in fact, soft tissue has memory which can trigger the mind to bring up remembered events from the past like involuntary flashes. And these past memories can resurface prompted by stimuli from the peripheral nervous system. It’s like remembering being in the kitchen with your mum or nanna baking yummy biscuits, or my personal favourite is when I drive close to where I was raised on a dairy farm, I open the car window to smell methane gas in the air (moo poo) and I know I’m home. Or the strange comfort I get when I smell a mixture of cigarette smoke and perfume together, that’s my mum!

It’s well known that smell is strongly associated with your long term memory, and so it begs the question of how other sensory experiences can also evoke strong memories. Whether you experience grief, euphoria, anger, fear or sadness, it can all be bundled into the phenomenon of emotional release. And if it’s happened to you, you are not alone.

Our spatial awareness to weight and gravity is a sensation that can be categorised into body senses that are linked to body memory. These are proprioception, touch, and nociception, all sensations of our body that occur whilst the brain taps into our orientation in space and gravity. We use our proprioception when we close our eyes and touch the tip of our nose. The brain sends information through special nerve fibers in your muscles and joints that are constantly making adjustments in accordance with where you are in space, supporting stretching and shortening muscles and controlling how much pressure there needs to be to find balance. The messages from your brain relay where your hand is in relation to your nose. The sense of touch with the right amount of pressure and finer nuances like texture are registered. Nociception is the pain that is registered due to some kind of body damage, whether that is from a burn, chemicals, or even how our environment affects us.

For example you might recall being in the middle of a cyclone when a fan is blowing on you, or with water being sprayed hard against your skin or when hard objects are hitting you from all directions like involuntary missiles, which might not even be as intense as the real past experience, but can still be enough to trigger that memory.  Also, memories of sexual or violent abuse, or war can have a huge physical impact on your body and can be very easily triggered.

When you strain your body to get through something that feels painful or even pleasurable, the body holds that sensation as a recording that gets locked away in the mind and so too does the physical location of where it actually touched you.  It requires a great deal of trust and good communication to help someone who has experienced an extreme event in their lives. During a massage treatment a good therapist will go very carefully and slowly, always checking in with the person so that they feel comfortable and can communicate if there are any no go zones. It’s also very important to be reassured that you they are in a safe space and in safe hands. Experienced practitioners understand that even if the person says nothing about how they are feeling, they may notice that the person is fighting to hold back tears for instance, and will gently give them permission to let go and fully experience that emotion.

As more often than not, these situations can sneak up on us without warning during a massage! The person often has no idea what brings it on until they are in the moment. Some can only feel emotion as a vague charge rippling through their body, whilst others go into a trance like state where they really zone out and then the mind wanders. And in that lucid conscious state a memory just pops in and the person has no idea what prompted it.

There are some therapists who specifically do body work to intentionally tap into deep held emotions within their client. It’s called somato-emotional release. And those therapists who are not trained in this technique can also recognise when there is emotional tension and hold space for that person to express that vulnerability for a moment and then help them to return to the present moment. It’s good to talk about it if you want to and it is definitely a healthy way to process an event that may not have been fully dealt with. And no, it doesn’t mean you are crazy. It’s just your amazing mind and body working in unison to allow a buried emotion to bubble up to the surface, which will quite possibly help to give you some closure on an event from your past.

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Written by Ros Gilfillan, Remedial Massage Therapist

Rosalyn is an experienced remedial massage therapist who enjoys working with a myriad of people from all backgrounds and ages. Her skills have been developed through treating conditions ranging from muscular, skeletal and postural issues, pre and post sports treatment for athletes and management of pain linked to injury, degenerative conditions and mental health.

Ros has also developed a special interest in working with women through their pregnancy journey and beyond. She considers the incredible changes in a woman’s body that accommodate and nourish the life of baby, to be both magical and a time that should be enjoyed given the right support system.