Are all natal multivitamins created equal?

Natal Multivitamins By Gina Fox (FGHG naturopath) and Joanne Sharkey (FGHG acupuncturist)

Surely all preconception and pregnancy natal multivitamins are the same right? If not how do I choose the right one? Do I even need a natal multivitamin if I eat a healthy diet? You might be surprised at the answers to these and many more questions raised in this episode of the Finding Fertility Podcast by Fertile Ground Health Group, naturopath Gina Fox and acupuncturist Jo Sharkey.

You’ll learn how to navigate the world of natal multivitamins, why they are crucial for preconception care and pregnancy and exactly what needs to be considered when choosing one. Navigating the world of multvitamins can be a confusing and expensive exercise if you choose the wrong one.  The right advice from an experienced naturopath can ensure the effectiveness of your supplementation and ultimately save you time, money and peace of mind.

Listen to the podcast here Are all multivitamins created equal?