Birth Preparation

Understanding your own needs and expectations leads to wise choices for a satisfying birth experience. When you first fall pregnant, there seem to be so many decisions to make quickly. We provide a supportive setting to explore your options for pregnancy care and birth. Understanding the implications of birth place choices as well as understanding the role of obstetric, midwifery, independent midwifery and birth attendant care will help you to feel safe and well supported. A little information and exploration early on can make for a healthier pregnancy, a more expedient labour and satisfying birth experience.

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  • Delise Oldfield
  • Delise Oldfield

    Prenatal & Perinatal, Trauma & Grief Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Educator

    Post Graduate Diploma of Counselling
    Bachelor of Applied Science (Cultural Heritage Management)
    Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

    Professional Associations
    Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)
    Doula Network Australia


    Delise Oldfield is a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Educator who specialises in complex trauma and grief and loss across the lifespan, and a passion for prenatal & perinatal mental health, parent-infant attachment and conscious parenting. Delise believes how we are born, our early childhood experiences and how we are parented all shape our beliefs about ourselves, how we relate to others, our personal world view and importantly, how we parent. She is passionate about encouraging positive parent-infant attachment through helping families to thrive in the life-changing transitions to parenthood – conception, pregnancy, birth and the early childhood years.

    Her authentic warmth, embracing presence and genuine compassion encourage inclusive, therapeutic connections. Delise’s immense capacity to hold space for others is tangible, her gentle approach supports deep emotional exploration and assists in trauma recovery. For the past decade, Delise has worked extensively supporting women, partners and families in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum as a Birth Attendant/Doula, Counsellor and Educator.  Her expertise lies in her ability to hold space for healing of adverse life experiences, victim/survivor trauma, grief and loss, fertility challenges, pregnancy complications, birth trauma, obstacles in parent-infant attachment, unhelpful family imprints and difficulties in intimate partner relationships.

    When you sit with Delise you are held in an intuitive space of empathy, safety and connection – supported by evidence based, trauma informed and culturally sensitive counselling and psychotherapy interventions. With these tools, her sessions go beyond talking therapy. She infuses over twenty years of meditation, energetic healing and psychotherapy trainings to support you in somatic, guided exploration. Delise applies a holistic mind-body approach to her counselling and psychotherapy modalities, believing that our stress responses to life challenging experiences shift our focus from connection to self-protection. Her gentle work instils a sense of calm, trauma resolution, embodiment and safety in our nervous systems.

    If you would like to share your life experiences in a held space of safety and connection and be supported by Delise’s warm presence, she is offering weekly online one-hour counselling sessions and two-hour specialist debriefing, preparation, attunement and psychotherapy sessions. After hours appointments are available and face to face appointments can be scheduled on request.

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