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  • Katy Woods

    Movement / Embodied Dance Coach

    Bachelor of Creative Art & Contemporary Dance

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    Do you want to cultivate a deeper connection and trust in being in your body?

    Would you like to integrate a practice of self care that invites emotional processing and integration through dance and movement? 

    Katy Woods is passionate about helping women to cultivate a deeper connection with themselves. She helps you to investigate issues relating to your body, your emotions, and how your relationships to self and others are formed through movement. Her coaching uses guided improvisations, rich imaginings and meditations, authentic movement discovery, and body science to give you long term-tools to become stronger, more confident, and help you find a deeper understanding of self.

    With a bachelor of Creative Arts & Dance, Katy has spent her years honing skills in the power of embodiment. She uses these to help people to navigate their lives, generate relief, creativity, and create better health. Katy personalises movement based practises to help you reconnect to your body intimately, playfully, and with deep intention and joy. Many people have reported feeling more at home in themselves after sessions with Katy.

    The focus of Katy’s coaching is to help you curiously investigate and broaden your body’s movement range, explore your emotional intelligence through action, interact through dynamic body language, and liberate yourself through the act of movement.

    Katy is committed to her clients and ongoing development of her expertise with us here at Fertile Ground. We are thrilled to have her innovative skills on our team to broaden our dynamic range of options for your greater wellbeing. Katy is like an old friend, welcoming, insightful, and attentive. She is looking forward to sharing her practice on our social media and running live zoom workshops on the many ways movement can improve, inspire and maintain healthier people, families, and communities.

    Katy is currently running free toe-dipping 10 minute consults to help you get started on your better health journey. These sessions are a chance for you to make sure the relationship is a great fit and get clarity about what you want to achieve together.

    Access your free 10 minute initial consult by navigating to >Coaching >Free 10 Minute consult > Katy Woods

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