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Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology)

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Joanne Sharkey

Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner


Joanne Sharkey is an experienced Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Joanne holds a double degree from RMIT University in both Chinese Medicine and Human Biology. She is fluent in Mandarin, which has allowed her to live in China for an extended amount of time. Her main mentor in China Dr Zhu being a gynaecologist in the TCM department of the Beijing Military Hospital in Wang Fu Jing.

Joanne has been in clinical practice since 2008 and has been practising acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Fertile Ground Health Group for 11 years, her knowledge of Chinese medicine and experience in clinical practice make her a highly effective practitioner to support women and couples in starting a family. This includes preconception care, helping couples and singles conceive, health during pregnancy and preparing the pregnant woman for a safe delivery.

Aside from general fertility, Joanne has a special interest in treating PCOS holistically. She individually tailors acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments along side dietary and lifestyle advice to help regulate cycles as well as the hormonal side affects of PCOS including infertility. She endeavours to work with your primary and other practitioners to make sure you have the right information in regards to diet and lifestyle in your given situation.

Aside from her practice in fertility and pregnancy Joanne is a co-founder of Victoria’s first not-for-profit community acupuncture clinic Prickle Community Acupuncture, this is a reflection of her passion to make health and wellness available to all. Her general practice has also given her a wealth of knowledge and experience outside fertility including pain management, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, as well as assisting with anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Joanne is a warm, friendly and caring person who enjoys the journey and joys of working with her patients. Being a mother of two with PCOS she brings empathy and knowledge to conceiving, pregnancy and birthing.

‘There is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than seeing a gorgeous new Mum with a beautiful baby in her arms, knowing and being part of the journey she has been on to get to that point in her life.’

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Get to know your practitioner – Interview with Jo Sharkey


What inspired you to pursue a career in Chinese Medicine / or as an acupuncturist?

A friend of my Mum’s was a Chinese Medicine practitioner, I was instantly fascinated by the philosophy of Chinese Medicine. I knew I wanted to study it from a young age. During year 12 I didn’t put it down as a preference for university as I was more encouraged to study economics (my other interest at the time), I got accepted to the economics degree I had chosen at ANU, I then deferred this for a year and went to Europe for a year on a gap year. During my gap year I had a voice telling me that I didn’t want to study economics after all and that I should pursue Chinese Medicine. We I came home, very luckily and thankfully I was able to get a late acceptance into the Chinese Medicine degree at RMIT in Melbourne.

What do you love about being an acupuncturist?

The patients I work with, I find them all fascinating, I love being given the opportunity to delve deep into their lives and their heath to help them fix imbalances. I always say that when you engaged in Chinese Medicine treatment, you need to engage in a shift in paradigm in regards to your health and life. I love to witness people experience this; they often find it very empowering.

Within your special interest for treating people during (IVF/pregnancy/postpartum etc) are there particular elements or conditions that you love to address or have had good results with?

Whilst I treat everything to do with fertility, IVF and pregnancy I have a special interest in PCOS and irregular cycles. I have a history of PCOS and have had amazing results using Chinese Medicine, I also treat a lot of endometrioses and of course IVF. Working with people with unexplained infertility is interesting to me because we can look it from a different viewpoint.  End of pregnancy birth preparation is another area I love.

How many years of experience do you have in this field?

15 years

What types of things do you frequently see good results with in your patient group?

IVF egg quality, low egg count, irregular cycles, birth preparation.

How do you stay up to date in your field?

My colleague and I mentor each other on difficult cases, as well as I am constantly doing more study and courses and reading. So much reading!

What are the top 3 things you recommend to anyone trying to conceive / who is pregnant / who has had a baby?

Positivity and trust are both important. If you are not feeling well supported by your Dr or practitioners, find someone who you feel supported by. Trying to fall pregnant, being pregnant and having a baby are all challenging experiences, be easy on yourself and lean into your support, except that it has its challenges and use the challenging times to help you grow.. It really does take a village.

What things do you do (almost) every day for your own good health?

Exercise, 8 hours sleep and eats lots of veggies. I am an introvert so need time alone also.

If you speak any languages other than English, please share what they are here.

Mandarin, once I finished my Chinese medicine degree I decided I needed to speak Chinese to fully understand lots of the concepts in Chinese medicine. I then went back to China and sent 2.5 years in immersive Mandarin school.