For latest Lockdown 4 updates for this practice, click here, and to get onto the reopening waitlist for your choice of treatments, click here 

For latest Lockdown 4 updates for this practice, click here, and to get onto the reopening waitlist for your choice of treatments, click here 

Remedial Massage

Massage is essential body maintenance for everyone! Remedial massage is both deeply relaxing and a profound physical therapy. Remedially trained massage therapists utilise a range of techniques to address a range of aches and pains, release tension and facilitate healing and relaxation at a deep level. All our massage therapists have their own style of massage to ensure that each person’s different needs can be met. Try them all to discover which style speaks most directly to your body so you have the perfect partner for body maintenance and relaxation when you need it.

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    Remedial & Pregnancy Massage Therapist

    Diploma of Remedial Massage
    Diploma of Aromatherapy
    Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
    Feminine Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training
    Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)

    Professional Associations
    Massage & Myotherapy Australia (AAMT)


    Nicole is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and Feminine Embodiment Yoga Teacher with a wealth of experience working with women and their bodies. She is passionate about women’s health and supporting women to be their healthiest and strongest selves.

    In a consultation with Nicole she will listen to you and your body, tailoring your treatment to your specific needs and unique pregnancy journey. In doing so she will use a variety of techniques including relaxation, deep tissue, cross-fibre, stretching and trigger points.

    Whether it is relief from aches and pains or your desire to relax and have some respite from the stresses of everyday life, Nicole will hold you in a cocoon of nurturing compassion allowing you to completely relax.

    Nicole loves soothing the aches and pains which come with being pregnant so that mothers can be as comfortable as possible while their bodies grow and change. She is passionate about the importance of birth preparation and supporting women to be in the best physical condition for labour.

    Nicole adores travel, learning about all cultures’ traditional medicines and how they support women through the journey of childbirth and beyond. It is important to Nicole that women are honoured for the incredible abilities of the female body, especially during pregnancy and postpartum.

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