Naturopathy is a system of health care that seeks to understand a person holistically. To do so, your naturopath will look at information about your medical health history but will also be interested in your diet, lifestyle, work, stress, exercise – everything really. A naturopath is a bit like a clinical detective pulling together all the seemingly disparate bits of information and putting it together to make a sensible picture that can be used to determine a unique plan to address your needs. Naturopaths commonly use herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle approaches as well as appropriate medical and other testing to understand and treat your condition successfully.

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  • Carly Woods

    Naturopath & Buteyko Practitioner

    Advanced Diploma Naturopathy
    Certificate Buteyko Breath Method

    Professional Associations
    NHAA member


    Carly is a Naturopath, Buteyko Breathing Practitioner and Bodyworker.  She is all about teaching you simple and powerful ways to be able to enhance your healing and wellbeing using Buteyko therapy, Naturopathic lifestyle support and restorative massage, because these are the therapies that have been so profoundly transformative to her own health.

    Carly helps you to take that breath of fresh air – she believes in making health fun, engaging, and practical.

    Carly uses Buteyko Therapy, Naturopathy, and Bodywork to enhance your wellbeing.  She is passionate about resolving your stress and anxiety, optimising your respiratory health, enhancing your sleep, and soothing your digestion. There are two types of consultations that you can have with Carly.

    1. Naturopathic Buteyko Consultations (digital options available) – Buteyko Breathwork techniques and Naturopathic health assessment.
    2. Buteyko Bodywork Blend – Buteyko Therapy and Bodywork in a Zen Thai Shiatsu setting – an incredibly nourishing therapeutic duo.

    Please feel welcome to register for your FREE Digital Buteyko Starter Pack for Stress & Anxiety Relief that Carly has created as an introduction to your first powerful Buteyko techniques.

    Carly also holds Buteyko workshops and trainings for patients and practitioners in Sydney, Melbourne, and Byron Bay. Her premium offering includes restorative week-long immersions for patients.  Enquire about your own group workshops, trainings, talks, and upcoming immersions via

    Carly is thrilled to be bringing Buteyko therapy to you as part of the Fertile Ground Health Group team in Melbourne, VIC.

    To learn more about Buteyko read Carly’s Blog What is Buteyko?

    To make a booking with Carly, follow the link to the online booking page and scroll to find the Buteyko appointment type.


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