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Naturopathy is a system of health care that seeks to understand a person holistically. To do so, your naturopath will look at information about your medical health history but will also be interested in your diet, lifestyle, work, stress, exercise – everything really. A naturopath is a bit like a clinical detective pulling together all the seemingly disparate bits of information and putting it together to make a sensible picture that can be used to determine a unique plan to address your needs. Naturopaths commonly use herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle approaches as well as appropriate medical and other testing to understand and treat your condition successfully.

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    General Health Naturopath

    Bachelor Health Science BHSc (Nat)

    Professional Associations
    Naturopath and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)
    Treasurer of the Victorian Herbalist Association "Vic Herbs"


    Do you want better general health? Do you experience digestive, hormonal, and/or skin issues? Are you suffering the effects of stress, anxiety or lacking in sleep? Georga Holt is passionate about helping you become the healthiest version of yourself. She works with diet therapy, lifestyle modification, herbal medicine and nutritional therapeutics to help you find relief from those niggling health issues that stop you from performing at your best and living your radiant life.

    One of the aspects of Naturopathy that Georga absolutely loves is the integrated and holistic model that identifies humans as a whole and intricately woven system – not simply a cluster of isolated symptoms to be treated separately. She really hones in on how to resolve what is going on for you in a comprehensive way that not only feels good to receive (as we all enjoy being seen in our totality) but also provides healthy long-term outcomes.

    A bachelor qualified naturopath, she spent time polishing her natural persuasion to empower people with the tools to improve their own health and wellness. She does so with personalised, evidence-based precision. It is important to Georga that you understand the causes of your health concerns. This is such a significant part of what helps you make the positive changes required to change your health reality.

    Georga specifically enjoys working with digestive health (including IBS, IBD and food intolerances), skin (including acne and hormonal breakouts, eczema and psoriasis) and hormonal issues (especially PMS, painful and irregular periods). She has helped many people get through exams with nervous system and adrenal nourishment and loves to help people get a better night’s sleep too.

    Georga is committed to her profession and developing her career with The Melbourne Apothecary. We are thrilled to have her as our dispensary manager alongside naturopathic practice. She is efficient, warm and caring and we love working with her. Georga is looking forward to sharing insights on our social media and running live and zoom workshops on many aspects of healthy living at The Melbourne Apothecary. She actively engages in ongoing mentoring, continued professional education and is the treasurer of the much loved Victorian Herbalist Association.

    Georga is currently offering free Naturopathic 10 minute consults to help to get you started towards better health. These sessions are a chance for you to make sure the therapeutic relationship is a great fit and get clarity about what you want to achieve on your health journey. These sessions are also an opportunity for  you to get started with simple, implementable lifestyle/diet changes and tailored supplemental support if required as well as to initiate any referrals to specialists or blood testing that may be required before proceeding.

    Make a booking online – Access your free 10 minute initial consult by navigating to Naturopathy > Free 10 minute consult > Georga Holt.

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