Naturopathy is a system of health care that seeks to understand a person holistically. To do so, your naturopath will look at information about your medical health history but will also be interested in your diet, lifestyle, work, stress, exercise – everything really. A naturopath is a bit like a clinical detective pulling together all the seemingly disparate bits of information and putting it together to make a sensible picture that can be used to determine a unique plan to address your needs. Naturopaths commonly use herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle approaches as well as appropriate medical and other testing to understand and treat your condition successfully.

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  • Josephine Cabrall

    Naturopath & Natural Fertility Educator

    Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)
    Trained Teacher of Natural Fertility Education

    Professional Associations
    National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)


    Josephine is an experienced, degree-qualified naturopath and trained fertility teacher specialising in fertility, reproductive health and pregnancy. She uses nutrition, dietary strategies, herbal medicine and lifestyle advice, to help her patients achieve their goals and is passionate about working collaboratively with other health care providers for the best outcomes of the patient.

    Understanding the importance of a supportive and empathic support team through the fertility and IVF journey, Josephine aims to meet her patients where they are at, giving them strategies and resources to achieve the best outcomes possible.

    Josephine also enjoys helping patients with gut health, thyroid health and stress reduction, recognising the impact of these conditions can have on both fertility and general health.

    As well as general fertility, Josephine has a special interest in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Acknowledging the different presentations of PCOS, she relishes in seeing women improve their fertility and other hormonal symptoms through individualised, tailored treatment plans. To help women better understand and combat PCOS, Josephine has authored an eBook, The PCOS Solution, as well as the Guide to PCOS & Diet – which she generously makes available for free – download here.

    Josephine is currently offering free Naturopathic 10 minute consults to help to get you started towards better health. These sessions are a chance for you to make sure the therapeutic relationship is a great fit and get clarity about what you want to achieve on your health journey. These sessions are also an opportunity for  you to get started with simple, implementable lifestyle/diet changes and tailored supplemental support if required as well as to initiate any referrals to specialists or blood testing that may be required before proceeding.

    Make a booking online – Access your free 10 minute initial consult by navigating to Naturopathy > Free 10 minute consult > Josephine Cabrall.

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