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Naturopathy is a system of health care that seeks to understand a person holistically. To do so, your naturopath will look at information about your medical health history but will also be interested in your diet, lifestyle, work, stress, exercise – everything really. A naturopath is a bit like a clinical detective pulling together all the seemingly disparate bits of information and putting it together to make a sensible picture that can be used to determine a unique plan to address your needs. Naturopaths commonly use herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle approaches as well as appropriate medical and other testing to understand and treat your condition successfully.

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  • Rhiannon Hardingham

    Naturopath & Nutritionist

    Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy), SSNT
    Certificate of Natural Fertility Management (NFM), Kerry Hampton, Wise Women’s Business

    Professional Associations
    National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA)
    Fertility Society of Australia (FSA)
    Victorian Herbalists Association (VHA, past President)


    Rhiannon is an experienced naturopath and nutritionist, with post graduate qualifications in Fertility Education.

    Specialising in male and female infertility, IVF support and pregnancy care, Rhiannon expertly supports couples and individuals in their successful efforts to overcome fertility challenges. Her care philosophy extends to supporting her patients to achieve healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies and births and healthy, happy infants and children. She particularly enjoys working with single women and same sex couples as they navigate their way through their fertility journey. Optimising male fertility and health is also an area of significant focus in Rhiannon’s practice.

    Underpinning Rhiannon’s work is a passion for health and a belief that every child deserves the best start in life. Thorough and approachable, Rhiannon’s commitment to understanding each person as an individual is much appreciated by her patients.

    Rhiannon is committed to the successful integration of natural and conventional medicine, and believes ideal outcomes are achieved for patients when all their health care providers are working together. She incorporates the use of lifestyle counselling, nutritional supplementation and herbal medicine to achieve optimum results for each individual patient.

    Having completed birth attendant training with Rhea Dempsey, Rhiannon also assists patients in making important decisions around their birth choices.

    After her many years of experience and education in the area of infertility and IVF support, Rhiannon now provides professional mentoring for naturopaths in both group and individual sessions. This highly specialised area is outside the scope of standard naturopathic education and as such, her mentoring program at Fertile Ground Health Group is a rare opportunity for Australian naturopaths to further their skills.

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