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Trained Primary Teachers Certificate – Phys Ed. (TPTC)

Grad Dip of Counselling & Human Services (LaTrobe)

Dip CBE (Childbirth Education)

Certificate of Gestalt Therapy

Professional Associations

Childbirth & Parenting Educators of Australia - Trainer (CAPEA)

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Rhea Dempsey

Author, Counsellor & Childbirth Educator


Rhea is a mother of three adult daughters and now five delightful grandchildren. She is a counsellor, independent childbirth educator, trainer and author, with over 45 years experience working with women and families before, during and after birth. Her special interest is in exploring the psychosocial factors that affect birth experiences. Her counselling practice, as well as assisting with reflection on general life issues, also includes psychological birth debriefing.

‘The intention of my Birthing Wisdom work — workshops, birth support, counselling practice, birth attendant training, presentations and talking birth talk wherever, whenever and to whoever — Is to keep alive a trust in, and possibility for normal physiological birth’

Rhea is a highly respected and sought after presenter at conferences, seminars and workshops on birth and counselling issues. Rhea also has a private practice—Birthing Wisdom—running an extensive schedule of workshops for couples and groups as well as training doulas and development for midwives.

Rhea’s invaluable books – Birth with Confidence: savvy choices for normal birth AND Beyond The Birth Plan: getting real about pain and power are available at Fertile Ground Health Group or purchase online in our shop.

Pregnancy and birth involve profound changes. Your body alters. Relationships develop in unexpected ways. Your attitude to the world around you undergoes a deep shift. Confusing and ambivalent feelings can surface, filling you with glorious expectations but also confronting you with fears about life and death, and your ability to face the challenges of birthing and parenting.

Having a child can exacerbate long-standing life issues; challenge our self-perception, or reveal strains within our relationships. Counselling during pregnancy can bring to consciousness and heal patterns that may affect your birth and parenting experiences.

Many women experience distress after childbirth and research suggests that one in every 20 women experience traumatic stress. Psychological birth debriefing can release trauma-based distress; support any grief from loss or unmet expectations, or simply fulfill the need to understand what happened. Counselling post-birth can enrich your relationship and increase your delight in parenting.

Rhea is available monthly for birth-debriefing consultations at Fertile Ground Via Zoom Telehealth.

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