The Breakfast Project e-book

Charmaine Dennis & Milly Dabrowski


Creating a happy and healthy life is about choices and breakfast is the first choice of many you get to make for yourself every day. It is about self-respect, creating happiness and health and, most importantly, creating a vibrant life.

A poor quality convenience breakfast is the first symptom of an unsatisfying life. You can’t go back and change the past, but with every sunrise you have a chance to create a new beginning.

Get some great breakfast ideas right here in one simple download! Here’s a peek at some pages from the book 1. Zucchini Feta and Herb Slice 2. Green Smoothies 3. Recipe Index

Written and published by Charmaine Dennis and Milly Dabrowski, with contributions from practitioners and patients.

Where did the breakfast project come from? This whole thing started from a FGHG inspired Facebook group a few years ago. There was a strong call out for a book of recipes and morning inspiration which we were only too pleased to pour our creative juices into.

TBP coverSo don’t forget to join us over on The Breakfast Project Facebook page too!

Share your breakfast creations, inspirations, experiences and especially your photos of breakfast. It’s all about creating a life you love. It can all start with something as simple as breakfast! And it’s way more fun when we do it together!




Charmaine and Milly (the owners of FGHG) are delighted to share their love of breakfast, good food and good health in their first e-book, The Breakfast Project.


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