Deep Sleep Yin Yoga with Jane Holland

Jane Holland

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Have you been struggling to get a good night’s sleep?

Are you craving a deep meditative practice to support you to drop down more deeply into your body and regulate your nervous system?

Yin Yoga teacher, educator and facilitator, Jane Holland, has designed this Deep Sleep yin yoga practice to guide you into your body to fully inhabit sensation, find release and arrive in spaciousness. It is an exploration of what is present in your mind, body and spirit, and an opportunity to simply ‘be with’ what arises.

Using yin yoga postures, gentle breathing techniques and meditation, Jane supports, holds, and guides you to find a ‘tender edge’. You are able to notice what is rising, feel it fully and then surrender into sensation and stillness. Jane draws on her extensive experience as a yoga teacher and international retreat facilitator. She has lead hundreds of students into this deep rest practices, holding space for whatever is present in a non-judgemental, compassionate and nourishing way.

The classes are available as drop-in or monthly pass and are a beautiful way to start your week with a deep restful sleep, setting you up with a calm and focused mind, supple body and inner vibrancy.

Deep Sleep Yin Yoga
  • Mondays
  • 8pm – 9pm via ZOOM
  • $15 / class Drop In
  • $40 / Monthly Membership
What you need for Monday night Yin Yoga
  • Quiet space where you can be undisturbed for an hour
  • Yoga mat
  • Snuggly blanket
  • Two or three rolled up towels
  • Bolster (if you have one), otherwise pillows or cushions (preferably slightly harder ones to provide support)
  • A phone/ speaker to play Spotify playlist (also not essential – we have playlists for you to choose from to play in the background ☺)
  • Phone/ laptop/ tablet to play class with video camera via Zoom
  • Candles/ Incense/ Essential oil diffuser (not essential but helpful!)

Secure your place this Monday night.

1 review for Deep Sleep Yin Yoga with Jane Holland

  1. Charmaine Dennis

    These classes have been a saviour for me over all the lockdowns (I’ve lost count now!). It’s been such a relief to have online classes with an incredible teacher. I love being able to get in my PJs and practice next to my bed so I can roll off the mat and in to bed for the most glorious night sleep. Jane’s voice and her insights are perfect for Yin Yoga. Thank you so much Jane.

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