Guided Relaxation for Your Breastfeeding


This enjoyable guided relaxation has been created for you to relax into the breastfeeding experience. We often see how a calm mother helps to inspire a calmer baby, and tuning in to the relaxation response will encourage breastmilk hormones and a good milk supply.

Listen to this guided relaxation to enhance the bonding experience and to calm your stress response so you will feel more rested, calm and confident. All you need to do is to listen to this track as you breastfeed, and soak up the words and imagery. Relaxation and visualisation has a cumulative beneficial effect, so our recommendation is for you to listen to this track once or more every day while you are establishing breastfeeding, and at any time when you would like to promote more breastmilk supply.

What’s on the audio download?

Track 1: Soften and Bond with Your Baby; Encouraging Breastmilk Flow (23.47 minutes)
Ideally listen during breastfeeding to help you and your baby be calm and relaxed and ensure a more comfortable feed, encouraging breastmilk supply and flow.

Track 2: Restful Piano to Extend Your Relaxation (19.49 minutes)
This beautiful and original piano instrumental has been added to allow you a longer relaxation. It will go with any of your Be Fertile tracks, to extend your relaxation time.

Vocal: Charmaine Dennis
Written by: Gina Fox and Charmaine Dennis
Original Piano Composition: Justin Holland

The Be Fertile relaxation series has been created by FGHG naturopath Gina Fox and FGHG Co-Director / naturopath Charmaine Dennis. They are highly regarded experts in natural fertility management and leaders in naturopathic IVF support from Fertile Ground Health Group. Gina and Charmaine are both long term keen meditation enthusiasts, who truly know the value of a supportive, positive daily relaxation practice.

“It feels so important to us to help women create some space in their busy lives for these babies to come into. Regular meditation is truly valuable for people in stressful, life changing times and It is incredibly satisfying for us to see such a positive influence in the health and fertility outcomes for our patients.

After purchase, we will email your special download code within 24 hours (excluding Sunday).