Guided Relaxation for your Sleep


Sleep can elude even the most relaxed of us from time to time, and so many people report to us how they struggle to get a good night sleep. We have received loads of requests for a Be Fertile meditation for sleep…  now we have it! And it has nothing to do with fertility!

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you anything about the benefits of a good night sleep and we’re happy to report that Charmaine’s soothing voice (that voice you have come to know so well from your fertility meditations), combined with the progressive relaxation and visualisation in these new tracks really does help people to nod off.

And if you don’t get to sleep, the words are written in such a way that you will feel  much more content to be lying there, in deeply nourishing rest – certainly better than tossing and turning and feeling frustrated about why you are not asleep!

There is one track for getting to sleep, one for if you wake during the night, and a short guided relaxation for any time, plus another beautifully composed piano piece to extend the relaxation time on your playlist.

This sleep album has 4 relaxation tracks:

1: Welcoming Sleep (22 mins)
Listen if you have difficulty falling asleep to helping you move into a warm and restful state where sleep will naturally happen.
2: Getting Back to Sleep If You Wake: (22.47 mins)
Listen to slow down your breathing and your thoughts, and you will drift, with a sense of peace and calmness, back to sleep.
3: Move into deep sleep (5.54 mins)
This is a deeply quietening, short, guided relaxation to take you quickly into a deep sleep.
4: Music for restful sleep (25.30 mins)
You can use this restful music on it’s own or add to any of the other tracks by making a playlist to extend your listening time.

Vocal: Charmaine Dennis
Written by: Gina Fox and Charmaine Dennis
Original Piano Composition: Justin Holland

The Be Fertile relaxation series has been created by FGHG naturopath Gina Fox and FGHG Co-Director / naturopath Charmaine Dennis. They are highly regarded experts in natural fertility management and leaders in naturopathic IVF support from Fertile Ground Health Group. Gina and Charmaine are both long term keen meditation enthusiasts, who truly know the value of a supportive, positive daily relaxation practice.

“It feels so important to us to help women create some space in their busy lives for these babies to come into. Regular meditation is truly valuable for people in stressful, life changing times and It is incredibly satisfying for us to see such a positive influence in the health and fertility outcomes for our patients”.

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