Luk Lip Tints


Luk Beautifood is on a mission to help women highlight their natural beauty without compromising their health by adding to their toxic load. We think this sounds like the perfect way to stay healthy and preserve your fertility whilst using make-up you love. It’s so important to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals in make-up and personal care products as they can seriously mess with our hormones.

These Luk lip tints are 100% natural and non-toxic with their colour coming from fruits and vegetables. They are like a lip balm-lipstick hybrid, leaving a noticeable, natural-looking pigment whilst nourishing and moisturising your lips with beeswax and cocoa butter.

Choose from these shades:

Pink Juniper

One of the lightest & suitable for blonde & fair skin. Slightly bluish tones. Pale pastel dusty pink. Best seller.












Rose Lime

A very natural pink rose pecan colour – the colour of lips and suits almost everyone.












Tangerine Pomegranate

Is more of an deep peachy/coral pink – a crowd favourite – lovely too for summer. Best seller.












Mandarin Spice

Alight tan and suits people with darker lips but also looks great on blondes. Deep peachy cinnamon Shade.












Cherry Plum

Sheer to medium coverage, that gently stains lips with a deep, berry red lustre, lovely for Winter or if you want a bit more colour also. Best seller.












Cranberry Citrus

Sheer to medium coverage in a sheer rusty red shade with a slight golden hue, lovely for winter or if you want a bit more colour. Best seller.