Practitioner Reproductive Hormone Assessment & Herbal Medicine Prescription Masterclass

Rhiannon Hardingham


Enhance your interpretation expertise in this 4 part Masterclass with Rhiannon Hardingham with Rhiannon Hardingham

Learn to interpret & treat complex hormonal pathology

This 4 part masterclass is designed for integrative medicine practitioners, which includes GPs, naturopaths and nutritionists. In it you will explore the complexities of hormonal pathology interpretation and what this means regarding herbal medicine indications. Rhiannon will share her nuanced and refined approach in this area, helping you to understand safe and effective herbal prescriptions, ultimately giving you more reliable clinical outcomes with your patients.

Naturopath and nutritionist, Rhiannon Hardingham, is widely known and highly regarded for her expertise in reproductive medicine. She is a firm advocate for exceptional standards of care and believes that by sharing her knowledge with you in this area, she can enhance not only your confidence in treating complex presentations and the outcomes for your patients, but can also uplift the profession as a whole.

Please note that this masterclass  is focused on optimising general hormonal and gynaecological health for women and applies across the board – not just for those seeking to conceive.

Is this masterclass for you?

Find out if you need to deepen your interpretation and treatment skills:

    • Do you want to understand the specifics of ordering and interpreting hormonal test results for female patients
    • Do you want to learn which tests are indicated in specific conditions and individual cases?
    • Do you want to get clarity around when testing should and shouldn’t be ordered?
    • Do you want to learn to interpret your patient’s pathology to help you to appropriately prescribe herbal medicine for female hormonal conditions?
    • Do you want to feel confident that your herbal prescription will have the desired benefit, and help your patients to feel their best?

Get answers to all of the above and more with Fertile Ground Health Group naturopath Rhiannon Hardingham in this exclusive online masterclass, starting October 12th, 2021.

What you get

In this 4 part series, Rhiannon shares her extensive clinical knowledge around reproductive hormone assessment and how to prescribe herbal medicines appropriately.

You will receive detailed clinical assessment and treatment tools to assist in day-to-day practice, as well as traditional and evidence-based resources regarding herbal medicine prescriptions for female hormonal health.  On completion, you will have access to the information and resources required to help you confidently interpret and treat complex hormonal pathology.

All sessions will be recorded on Zoom and available for you to access until the end of 2022.

Participants of this 4 part Masterclass will earn 8 CPE points.

Modules in Detail 

PART 1 – Fundamentals

During this session you will learn about the fundamentals of interpretation and assessment, specifically:

  • The fundamentals of female reproductive hormone pathology assessment and interpretation.
  • Clinical assessment of variations in the menstrual cycle and how to identify key indicators regarding potential complications.

PART 2 – Clinical application

You will be guided through exploring and applying your understanding to clinical practice. This includes:

  • An exploration of hormonal herbal medicine actions and prescription indications, embracing both traditional and evidence-based approaches.
  • Rhiannon will share unique clinical gems regarding her approach to herbal medicine prescription, utilising patient presentation, pathology assessment and significant clinical experience.

PART 3 & 4 – Specifics

During these final 2 sessions you will be led through specific presentations and understand how to appropriately assess, interpret and prescribe for them with confidence. The hormonal presentations explored include:

  • Cyclical mood changes, including PMS and PMDD.
  • Heavy and painful periods.
  • Irregular menstrual cycles and amenorrhoea.
  • Hormonal skin conditions.
  • Menopause.

Time: 90-120 minute sessions, live as well as recorded for your payback convenience.

Cost: $595 excluding GST

Platform: Zoom recordings



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