Reprogram your relationship with food

Jane Holland


Feel empowered in your choices & transform your health with Nutritionist & Yoga Teacher, Jane Holland

Is your relationship to food, eating and your body fraught with judgement and dissatisfaction?

You are not alone. Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with different diets and ways of eating. Vegan, paleo, plant-based, keto. Fasting, juicing, foraging. Eat fruit, eat organ meat, eat raw macrobiotic…! The options are endless. All promising a future filled with increased vitality, a lithe body and glowing skin. Unfortunately, none deal with the core issues that drive us to strive for these goals in the first place. A deep disconnect from who we are and a belief that unless we attain these goals, we will never be enough.

I believe that it is this severing from our intuition that creates a gradual loss of trust in how to eat and nourish ourselves. This wisdom is consistently being expressed to us through our bodies, which we always have access to if we are listening. Unfortunately, we are often taught to override and dismiss these natural cues. In doing so, we develop strategies to compensate for them (which temporarily keep us safe but over time degrade our sense of self control). The (oftentimes destructive) behaviours that develop from these strategies train us to deny and/or dismiss our intuitive responses to food, eating and our bodies – eventually creating dissonance, pain, contraction and dis-ease.

Having a healthy relationship with food, eating and your body means you experience a sense of freedom and safety. You no longer obsess about what you consume or compulsively record every mouthful you’ve eaten throughout the day. You are mindful and honest about what you’re eating, feeling at home in your body and experiencing vitality and strength. You trust yourself implicitly and know what you choose will nourish and support your wellbeing.

In this free 45 minute webinar, I share my insights, as a Holistic Nutritionist, on how you can change your relationship with food, eating and your body by deepening your relationship to your inner wisdom and intuition. This is an introduction into the ways your unconscious programming prevents you from accessing your deepest desires and how you can shift from feeling disempowered around food, eating and your body, to regaining trust in yourself and coming back into alignment with what is most natural for you.


Who is this for?

This webinar is open to anyone who wants to transform their relationship with food, eating and their body. This includes the general public, all health professionals and anyone struggling to change patterns of behaviour that are not serving them.


What do you get?

  1. 45 minute facilitated session with Holistic Nutritionist, Jane Holland (online)
  2. Opportunity to ask questions and have them answered in the live session (if you’re opting for the digital package you’ll access the answers from the live session)
  3. Resources to support you in starting this journey, deepening your connection to self and bolstering your sense of confidence when making decisions about how and what to eat.


When is it?

Live event complete

Digital Package now available


Relationship with foodJane Holland is a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher and retreat facilitator who is passionate about empowering people to cultivate a healthy and honest relationship with food, eating and their body. She is renowned for her grounded and intuitive approach to health and is dedicated to listening and supporting clients to unravel the subconscious patterns of behaviour that drive decision making (particularly in relation to food and eating).


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