We can help you to better understand your fertility issues and the factors in your lifestyle and environment which impact your fertility, both positively and negatively. Education, support and understanding can help you make positive change and achieve your goals.

Natural medicine approaches can improve your fertility and your chance of conceiving. Our Practitioners are experienced in treating infertility including medically diagnosed and unexplained infertility. Our approaches are safe, non-invasive, and result in generally improved health and well-being for you overall.

Ideally a period of preconception care for 3-4 months can help address specific fertility issues as well as any underlying health issues that may be part of the problem. The focus here is on improving the quality of both the sperm and the egg (ova) during their period of maturation (as is the case with the ova) or generation (as is the case with the sperm). Any issues that negatively impact on the development or maturation of the sperm or egg are addressed. Simultaneously, factors that support optimal development of these cells is undertaken including specific nutrients, complementary therapies, as well as dietary and lifestyle factors.

Specific treatment plans are tailored to take into account any factors that may be affecting your fertility including irregular ovulation (which may occur in association with increasing age or conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome), endometriosis, low sperm count/morphology/motility and sub-optimal egg quality.

Some people choose to take a little time out to do this work, others do this work concurrently with their conception efforts. It really depends on you, what your situation is and what you and your practitioner decide is the best path for you and your partner.

For many of our patients, this is all that is required for them to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Others may need to seek other reproductive medicine in order to achieve their goals, and our practitioners are experienced at working in conjunction with IVF specialists when this next step becomes necessary. We can support you on this sometimes complex journey to help optimise egg and sperm quality, manage stress and maintain good health; all of which may help increase the chances of a successful outcome.


Understanding Fertility

Part of our approach at Fertile Ground Health Group is to help provide you with information that will allow you to be aware of when (and if) you are ovulating. On a daily basis we are answering questions regarding “When is the best time to have sex?” or “How do I know that I am about to ovulate?” Our practitioners are all Natural Fertility Consultants and can help you interpret your body’s signs which indicate the fertile and infertile phases of our cycle. We can assist you in predicting ovulation and thus timing your conception attempts accurately by helping you understand mucus changes, temperature charts, the rhythm of your cycle and other signs. Learning to recognise natural signs of fertility is empowering for every woman and provides an effective method to avoid or achieve conception, which can be successfully used through all stages of life.

There are many benefits to understanding what is normal in your cycle and knowing how your body works. Charting the signs gives you and your practitioner a tool to see clearly how your treatment is working for you. Frequently, we see women’s menstrual cycles become regular again with clear signs of ovulation as their hormonal balance is re-established.

Our practitioners are here to support you and can help provide you with a specific treatment plan focused on improving your fertility and your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

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