Traditional Chinese medicine approaches can be used safely for the entire family. Contrary to popular belief, children respond extremely well, even to the (very gentle) use of acupuncture.

For Parents

From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view, we encourage you to get as much rest as possible immediately following the birth of your baby – staying close to home for as much as 30 days if you have good support.

When you are ready to venture out, acupuncture can help your body adjust and recover from labour, the challenges of early parenting and any problems that may arise including night sweats, breast, neck, back or shoulder pain, problems with milk production or nipple soreness.

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For Baby

Acupuncture or acupressure can be used to great effect with children and even babies. For the very young there are a range of non-insertive techniques whereby the acupuncture points and channels are used but the skin is not pierced. Points may also be very gently heated.

For children who are a little older, needles may be used but only where the child is comfortable with this. The needles used are extremely fine and kept to a minimum.

Acupuncture treatments for children are short in duration, usually no longer than 15 minutes. Children have a lot of “qi” or energy to work with so tend to respond very quickly and well to treatment.

Acupuncture can be used for digestive and immune weakness, sleep problems and bed-wetting.

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