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As a leading natural medicine fertility clinic in Melbourne, Fertile Ground Health Group boasts some of the most experienced practitioners in the treatment of fertility, pregnancy and family health. We are committed to providing you with expert care and compassionate support to help you achieve your goals.

Specialist services include acupuncture IVF support, naturopathic fertility treatment, pregnancy massage and osteopathy for babies.

If you are wondering how to get pregnant, are undergoing IVF in Melbourne, want to optimise your health in pregnancy, need to prepare for labour or find support for birth, the post natal period or your family health, Fertile Ground Health Group has the resources to meet your needs. Our practitioners are highly experienced, sensitive, empathetic and knowledgeable about the challenging journeys many of our patients have in trying to conceive and becoming a family.

Conditions our treatment is commonly recommended for: women’s health and fertility, IVF treatment, acupuncture IVF support, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, recurrent miscarriage, menopause, menstrual cycle irregularities, period pain, irregular uterine bleeding and thyroid problems.

We treat men’s health and fertility including low sperm count, poor morphology, poor motility and other men’s health issues including cholesterol, blood pressure, immunity and digestive complaints.

Our practitioners actively practice evidence based medicine and integrative medicine by pursuing communication with your other health care providers and specialists where appropriate. Our multidisciplinary clinic works in conjunction with and receives referrals from Melbourne IVF, Monash IVF, City Fertility, and Melbourne obstetricians and midwives from all private and public hospital settings. Our onward massage services are available to patients of FGHG attending Epworth Freemason’s Hospital, Frances Perry House, St Vincents Private Hospital and a number of other locations pending availability.

Improving your health is the cornerstone of our work and we welcome everyone

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Are we open during stage 4 lockdown?

  • Telehealth is available – this means your naturopathic, counselling, Chinese Herbal Medicine and birth preparation/debriefing appointments remain available via telehealth – book below.
  • Prescription naturopathic medicines are available – we are posting daily. Collections available ONLY to those of you who live within a 5km radius to our clinic. We will pass your order out the door to you for contactless pickup between 11am-1pm Monday – Saturday unless otherwise arranged with you.
  • Remedial Massage is not available for the remainder of stage 4 lockdown
  • In person Acupuncture and Osteopathic appointments are ONLY AVAILABLE to people who qualify. If you have an upcoming appointment for Acupuncture or Osteopathy your practitioner will be in contact with you to discuss if you qualify. If you are a new patient seeking help please follow the DHHS guidelines:
To avoid doubt, the DHHS provides further guidelines for permitted care as: 
  • to avoid a requirement for specialist input / review 
  • to avoid a hospital admission or emergency department presentation.

If you do not meet the above criteria, we cannot see you for in-person appointments for the remainder of the Stage 4 lockdown.

We understand how valuable your sessions are, and we are aware that this will be very difficult for some patients.  In the current health crisis that has swept our state, we must all act accordingly to minimise potential risk. 

Thank you for your patience, kindness and support for us as we manoeuver around this constantly changing situation.

Call our usual number – 03 9419 9988 for assistance.

We will keep this notification updated with any changes as they occur.

Remember – please do not enter our clinic at all, unless you’re here for the in person consult that you qualify for.

Referral Required

All patients will need to have on hand a GP or medical specialist referral to be able to access in person Acupuncture & Osteopathy at Fertile Ground Health Group during Stage 4 Lockdown.

Remedial Massage is no longer available.

Naturopathic consults via telehealth and posted prescription medicines remain available.

We will keep this notification updated with any changes as they occur. Thank you for your understanding, patience and support.