Our naturopaths educate, empower and support you throughout your pregnancy so that you can take a more active role in your own health care and achieve your goals for labour, birth and parenting.
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Naturopathic Pregnancy Care

Our naturopaths can recommend natural and practical steps to contribute positively to a healthy pregnancy. We believe healthy people make healthy babies and consequently your health, lifestyle and environment take on even more significance during pregnancy. Of course, the information out there about what not to do, not to eat and not to be exposed to is all so overwhelming when you first discover you are pregnant. Our naturopaths are experts at helping women navigate the often confusing information received in pregnancy. We educate, empower and support you through out your pregnancy so that you can take a more active role in your own health care.

Of course, you are what you eat – a principal never so important as during pregnancy. Your nutritional needs escalate during pregnancy and remain the highest of your life until you stop breastfeeding! For example, we know that if your diet is lacking in certain B vitamins, and/or iron, that the quality of your blood will suffer and you may become anaemic (affecting your baby’s development, your energy and even your birth outcomes – anaemia can cause hemorrhage at birth). We also know that exposure to certain toxic substances can cause cellular damage – possibly affecting your fertility and the health of your baby.

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy can make the difference between health and illness and supports the general constitution of your child for life. Ensuring optimal nutrition and health during your pregnancy helps you to be as healthy as possible, minimises risk of complications during pregnancy, birth and early parenting and supports you to nurture and birth the healthiest baby, setting your child up for the best start to a healthier life.

Of course pregnancy can be challenging for some women with physical and emotional changes taking their toll. Our naturopaths are expert in the treatment of the common complaints and complications that can arise in pregnancy. We treat everything from pregnancy nausea to gestational diabetes, sleeplessness to cramping, constipation to migraines and lots more. Staying well and taking appropriate action at the right time with the right support will ensure you have the best possible pregnancy you can achieve.

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Birth Preparation

Naturopathy can also be used to prepare for an uncomplicated labour and birth, hasten recovery, promote healthy lactation, help address some breastfeeding issues and enable smoother transition to parenthood.

Naturopathic Pregnancy Care:

  • Ensures your nutritional requirements are met before going into labour. For example, if your iron is low, there is an increased risk of haemorrhage just after birth, so we want to help ensure your nutrition is optimal.
  • Can prepare your body for the labour and birth of your baby with herbal medicine. As you approach the birth of your child a herbal mixture specifically formulated for your needs can help to ensure good muscle tone and circulation in your uterus, soften and tone your cervix, and generally assist you in your preparation for an easier, uncomplicated labour and birth. Where appropriate, your herbal medicine can also be formulated to improve your sleep, energy and any other symptoms of pregnancy you may be experiencing.
  • Can recommend a birth kit for you that may contain remedies to enhance the birth, assist with immediate post natal healing, encouraging milk flow, assist sleep and promote energy.

You can be confident that our experienced, professional and caring practitioners see pregnant and post-natal women, people with fertility/reproductive issues, and babies and children as part of their daily practice.

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