Naturopathy adopts a holistic approach to health and healing by treating both the underlying causes of illness and the presenting symptoms.

The aim of naturopathy is to regain homeostasis, which is lost in illness. Homeostasis is the self-regulating or balancing mechanism of the body, which maintains wellness. It is the goal of your Naturopath to identify the best ways to support your body in this task. Naturopathy encourages the healing power of nature by restoring bodily function and increasing vitality to enable the body to heal itself.

Naturopathy utilises a combination of natural therapeutics and healing techniques including: herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutritional supplements, flower essences and dietary advice. Our naturopaths draw on naturopathic diagnostic techniques such as hair, tongue and nail analysis and iridology as well as utilising medical tests and assessments. These, together with a detailed case history, form the basis of the therapeutic care plan.

Naturopathic care is excellent treatment for acute and chronic conditions affecting people of all ages from children to the elderly, and can be used in conjunction with medical care where necessary. One of the many important naturopathic aims is to educate, empower and support you so that you can take a more active role in your own health care. By helping you adopt a healthy attitude and diet, you are guided to build a lifestyle that supports you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

At FGHG, you can be confident that your naturopath is highly qualified and experienced including additional post graduate qualifications. All undertake continuous professional development to maintain the highest standard of care delivery in practice. All of our Practitioners work confidently in conjunction with your other health care providers and where necessary and with your consent, will notify them of treatment you are receiving to ensure a safe combined approach.

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