Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Fertile Ground Health Group, we understand that your personal information is highly confidential and may contain sensitive information. The following privacy policy will demonstrate how we protect your information and the choices you have about how it is used. We urge you to read this policy so you will understand your choices and our commitment to protecting your privacy.

We are bound by Victorian privacy laws (Health Records Act (2000) and Privacy and Data Protection Act (2014)), which stipulate our obligations in how we handle information. We strive to protect your personal information while keeping your records clear and accessible to you at all times. Client information can only be released upon receipt of the written consent of the client and their practitioner.

At Fertile Ground Health Group, we collect your personal information in the context of a consultation at our clinic. We collect your address, contact telephone numbers, email address as well as consent to contact other health professionals where appropriate. Most of this information is stored on our database as well as in your personal file. This information is used to contact you directly regarding your consultation, appointments, or treatment. We may also contact you with information regarding the clinic and other of our services.

At your consultation we may also collect personal information that you choose to share. This may include details about physical and emotional health concerns and lifestyle factors. We use this information to understand your health query, to answer your questions about your health needs and to tailor a treatment program to address your needs. This information is collected only with your consent and can be updated at any time.

We recognise that the nature of our services means information is especially sensitive. Our reception staff will use telephone details to confirm all appointments 24 hours before the scheduled time. Fertile Ground Health Group will only be identified when speaking with the client directly and we will not identify the name of the clinic to any other party. Any messages will identify the call as a personal call.

Fertile Ground Health Group uses your email address solely for the purpose of providing information about the clinic or your treatment. This may happen in the context of personal email messages or de-identified group newsletters. Your email address will not be added to any mailing list, nor will it be disclosed to any other party without your knowledge and consent. You can opt to not be contacted by email by us at any time.

Any students observing in the clinic will be bound by the same privacy considerations as all practitioners and other staff. No identifiable details about clients will be used in any note taking by students.

Electronic banking details given to us will remain confidential and are protected by appropriate security measures.

We follow the Code of Conduct of the Health Complaints Commission, ask us if you would like more information or visit  or call 1300 582 113.


All articles and advice found on this site are intended as information only. Information contained within this site is not equivalent to receiving a consultation with a qualified practitioner and should not be treated as such. Fertile Ground Health Group takes no responsibility for actions or decisions made by individuals. Fertile Ground Health Group advises guidance from a qualified and experienced healthcare practitioner for expert advice and treatment tailored to your individual needs.