The gentle, expert treatments of our osteopaths provide results, relaxation and relief to see you through your pregnancy as comfortably as possible.

A key focus for our osteopaths is pregnancy care and treating associated issues including lower back, hip / pelvic, and sciatic pain on a daily basis. They can also address other common problems experienced in pregnancy such as headaches, pelvic instability, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg cramps, fluid retention, and sinus congestion.

Osteopaths work with the soft tissues of the body to facilitate healing, release tension, improve functionality, re-align joints and bones, release stress and restore balance. During pregnancy significant attention is given to assisting the body to accommodate to changes occurring under the increasing load of carrying your baby. During pregnancy your body changes rapidly and the increasing load can have a dramatic effect on posture, and especially on any pre-existing conditions. You may notice new aches and pains or you may notice a worsening of things you have been able to manage before pregnancy.

Osteopathy can support this transition, treat conditions as they arise and help your body accommodate the many changes happening rapidly at this time. This care is also essential for ensuring optimal fetal positioning and contributing to positive birth outcomes. Our osteopaths have comprehensive additional training coupled with extensive experience working with pregnant women. Their gentle, expert treatments provide results, relaxation and relief to see you through your pregnancy as comfortably as possible.

Osteopathy can:
  • ensure that your body is in the best possible alignment and pain free, so that your labour is not complicated by any extra pain from your body being out of – alignment or wound up with tension.
  • help your baby position itself well, not being inhibited by any physical structural problems.
  • be important within the first 6 weeks after the birth of your baby. As pregnancy hormones are still circulating, you have the opportunity to have your body aligned better than ever before. Osteopathy can also help alleviate pain from carrying and feeding your new born. Ergonomic assessment and exercise will also be advised.
  • assess your baby to ascertain the impact of birth pressures or any interventions on your baby’s tissues.

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