Women and men require support on this journey to enable them to find the inner resources they need to become powerful mothers and fathers. Counselling during pregnancy can bring to consciousness and heal patterns that may affect your birth and parenting experiences.
Pregnancy Counselling

Pregnancy and birth involve profound physical and emotional changes. Joyous expectations can combine with confusing and ambivalent feelings, often raising fears about your ability to face the challenges of pregnancy, birth and parenting as well as issues about life and death.

Discover what to expect and how to deal with the strong, often painful physicality of birth. Explore breathing awareness, positions, movement, sound release, visualisation and support strategies to learn how to release and yield to body sensation. Understand psychological and relationship patterns which may affect birth dynamics.

Birth Debriefing

Rhea, Suzanne and Delise bring  their extensive experience to a unique process of supporting couples following birth. Birth Debriefing is a valuable tool for couples who have already experienced birth and need to understand and make sense of their previous experience in order to let it go, learn from it and possibly prepare for a subsequent baby. Anyone can benefit from birth debriefing but it is highly recommended for couples who have experienced a difficult birth or for whom grief or fear from their birth experience lingers, or if you have experienced a late term miscarriage or stillbirth.

Birth Support

Understanding your own needs and expectations leads to wise choices for a satisfying birth experience. Explore your options for pregnancy care and birth. Understand the implications of birth place choices (hospital, birth centre, home birth) as well as understanding the role of obstetric, midwifery, independent midwifery and birth attendant care.

Once the initial pregnancy celebrations are over, most couples are confronted with unfamiliar territory and many choices in planning the arrival of their baby:

  • Which Model of Care will you choose?
  • Will you opt for a Private or Public Hospital, or perhaps a Birth Centre or Home Birth?
  • What are your options for pain relief?… and so much more! Perhaps you feel that you need more information about the birth process in addition to what your hospital classes offer.

Birth Choices Consultations will:

  • provide you with the information you need to choose the model of care that best suits you; and
  • increase your understanding of, and confidence in, the birthing process.

Read more about our birth attendant and birth educators.

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Read more about our counsellors:

Rhea Dempsey – Available on the first Tuesday of every month for Birth Debriefing consultation.

Suzanne Hurley – Available Tuesday In-person and Wednesday and Friday by Telehealth

Delise Oldfield – Available Thursday, Friday and Saturday by Telehealth and monthly for In-person sessions – call reception to find out when.

Read more about our birth attendants / doulas:

Fiona Harrison – Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday via Telehealth and In-person for massage and birth education / preparation consultations.

We are very fortunate to have the renowned Rhea Dempsey providing counselling, birth debriefing and birth preparation services at FGHG. Rhea has over 40 years experience supporting couples in labour and attending over 1000 births making her one of the premier experts in the field of birth in Australia. Her books “Birth with confidence: Savvy choices for normal birth  and “Beyond The Birth Plan” are a must read for every pregnant woman and her support team.