Finding a fertility naturopath to provide expert preconception care is a great step towards creating a healthy baby. Doing this will optimise your chance of getting pregnant, experiencing a healthier pregnancy, and will give your baby the opportunity to have better, more robust health and vitality for life. Care with our expert fertility naturopaths is highly recommended during your preconception phase.
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Finding a fertility naturopath to provide expert preconception care for you is a great step towards creating a healthy baby. Our fertility naturopaths are particularly enthusiastic about providing expert preconception care for prospective parents. Preconception care is the ultimate in the naturopathic philosophy: “prevention is better than cure”. Ensuring your preconception health is at its best means you will experience less health problems during your pregnancy and give a much better opportunity for your baby’s constitution, vitality and future health.

Healthy life changes and specialised conception protocols form the basis of naturopathic fertility care and can be applied at any stage of your fertility journey, even if you are well down a path of medical intervention, including surgeries or IVF procedures. Our fertility naturopaths can help you in any part of this journey. Whether you are recently diagnosed but not yet ready for IVF, in need of a break from continuous IVF cycles or if you are in a position where you want to continue with IVF with naturopathic care concurrently, we have supportive strategies for any stage. Of great importance is the collaboration with your medical specialists to ensure you have the best care no matter what the stage of your treatment.

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Fertility Naturopath – your clinical detective

Our fertility naturopaths work as your clinical detective, pulling together information from your previous health history, current health issues, test results, and other sources to assess your fertility status and assist you in your journey to creating a healthy family. Depending on your individual presentation, our fertility naturopaths will incorporate some or all of the following in their diagnostic assessment:

  • nutritional deficiency checks
  • hormonal balance tests
  • detailed dietary assessment
  • blood tests to assess your cellular health and tissue performance
  • genetic testing regarding metabolism of specific nutrients
  • diagnosed conditions such as autoimmune or thyroid conditions
  • signs and symptoms in any system you reveal in your consultation
  • a detailed personal and family health history
  • environmental toxin load from work or home

This detail helps your fertility naturopath put together a plan to improve your fertility by optimising the function of cells and tissues, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation, improving nutritional status and addressing pre-existing conditions that may have an impact on your fertility – even if in an indirect way. Particular care is also taken to ensure they support the most important areas for fertility such as supporting your nervous system, stress levels and stress responses, uterine lining support, egg quality, hormonal balance, sperm development in males and specific issues such as poor responders in IVF treatment situations.

Your plan will always include very detailed diet and lifestyle interventions (food as medicine), specific to you, which is also appropriately augmented with nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine and sometimes homeopathy.  Our fertility naturopaths may also recommend support from other practitioners or be in communication with other carers to ensure comprehensive care and optimum results. The aim is to ensure you have sufficient energy and nutritional status to conceive, experience a healthy pregnancy and go on to have a healthy, happy baby!

Patients consistently report that with naturopathic support they feel:

  • a sense of empowerment and understanding through education and support
  • increased energy and sense of wellbeing
  • healthier reproductive cycle with more awareness of ovulation and timing
  • less stressed and better sleep
  • improvement in general health and presenting symptoms

At Fertile Ground Health Group, you can be confident that our fertility naturopaths are highly qualified and experienced, including appropriate post-graduate training. All undertake continuous professional development to maintain the highest standard of care delivery in practice. All of our practitioners work confidently in conjunction with your other health care providers both within Fertile Ground and with your medical specialist and other carers. Where necessary, and with your consent, they will notify them of treatment you are receiving to ensure a safe combined approach.

Free 12 Step Guide to Create your Fertile Life

Our Fertile Ground expert naturopathic practitioners have developed a free fertility ebook to help you learn how to practically implement dietary and lifestyle changes to enhance your fertility. Use it to get on track with your egg and sperm health, and help to give your bodies the best chance at conceiving your healthy baby.

Download this simple 12 step ebook to get started today.Free fertility ebook - 12 step guide built by Fertile Ground fertility practitioners

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Why use naturopathic care for fertility?

A fertility naturopath can lay the foundation with evidence-based approaches that really make a difference to your outcomes for conception, pregnancy and healthy baby development. We ensure your preconception health is at its best with a comprehensive fertility plan, which includes diet and lifestyle recommendations, herbal medicine and supplements. Naturopathic care for fertility is a whole-systems approach that will optimise your chances of conceiving a healthy baby.

How do naturopaths help prepare for pregnancy?

Our fertility naturopaths take a whole health history and request different tests to get an overview of your health before crafting a tailored plan to help you improve your fertility. This plan optimises the cell and tissue function, balances hormones and reduces inflammation. Naturopathic care for fertility is a whole-systems approach that will optimise your chances of conceiving a healthy baby. Supportive guidance and appropriate, safe nutritional support will continue through your pregnancy, adapting for changes in requirements at different stages along the way.

Can naturopaths check fertility hormone levels?

Yes, this is one reason why naturopathic care is used by many prospective parents. As part of your initial consultation, our naturopaths will assess your fertility hormone levels and provide support on how these can be improved. Please provide copies of any tests you have already completed with your GP or fertility specialists so we can recommend follow up or further testing if required. 

How does a naturopath balance hormones?

After thorough assessment including a comprehensive case history and medical testing, your fertility naturopath will work with you to balance your hormones by recommending herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and dietary and lifestyle adjustments too.

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