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How to reignite your vitality even if you’re feeling time-poor & exhausted – check out this one day, full immersion in February with Charmaine Dennis and Carly Woods. Do you feel like you’re whirring along in a hurricane of ‘to do’ without much time left for YOU? Stop right there – you’re supposed to have it … Continued
The latest findings of two 2019 meta-analyses. By Kim Riley At Fertile Ground Health Group, many of our fertility acupuncture clients have been considering IVF, or are already undergoing IVF treatment. Past research has been both supportive and unsupportive of the efficacy of acupuncture during IVF treatment and we are often asked what the latest … Continued

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Super Simple Super Salads

By Josephine Cabrall, FGHG Naturopath These two salads are versatile side dishes to a variety of meals. The fennel slaw particularly compliments chicken and fish but I find it can form a part of any good spread, making it perfect for picnics, barbeques and pot luck dinners. The chickpea salad can be a stand-alone meal … Continued
We are looking for our next remedial and pregnancy massage superstar! Fertile Ground Health Group (FGHG) is a busy, multidisciplinary natural medicine practice specialising in preconception, infertility, pregnancy and family health. Your experience, motivation and passion for working with pregnant women, as well as your professional approach will see you fit in nicely with the … Continued
By Josephine Cabrall, FGHG Naturopath So you may have read my last post “The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do To Heal PCOS” about the powerful effects of quitting sugar on PCOS. But some of us may not get the results we want from quitting sugar alone and this is where we need to turn … Continued
By Suzanne Hurley, FGHG Perinatal Counsellor As the Perinatal and Fertility Counsellor at Fertile Ground Health Group, there are many times that I notice my own goose bumps as I shiver at what is happening in the counselling room. The shivers are for the remarkable connections that people make when reflecting on their experiences, the … Continued
By Sarah Harris, FGHG Paediatric Naturopath Pregnancy is often described as a ‘window of opportunity’. As a mother, being in the best of health before and during pregnancy can help influence critical stages of your baby’s development and help create a happy and healthy child. Taking good care of yourself during pregnancy and breastfeeding as … Continued
An extraordinary opportunity to join the team at Fertile Ground Health Group in the role of Reception and Herbal Dispensing is now available for the right candidate. This is a reception role with a difference. You are a highly valued member of the practice whose role is considered crucial to the success of the business. … Continued
Osteopathy during pregnancy can help your body feel balanced, aligned and supported while it adapts to the rapid changes of pregnancy.
The greens in the salad  are rich in folate and antioxidants which are important nutrients to support a healthy conception and pregnancy, whilst the nuts and seeds are high in zinc (great for sperm health!), magnesium and fibre.  There is another anti-oxidant hit with the delicious pomegranate seeds on top and some beneficial gut bugs in the form of probiotics if you use a good quality yoghurt (not to mention the additional protein and calcium in the yoghurt).

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Spring Clean Your Kids

FGHG Paediatric Naturopath, Sarah Harris discusses how we can combat the toxicity that our children are exposed to on a daily basis. Some of the best advice is simple -Eat your greens! Sulforaphane is a component of broccoli that may help to provide protection against the stressors of modern living, thanks to its ability to clear toxins and reduce free radical damage, helping your kids and their cells feel healthier and happier.
FGHG Naturopath Rhiannon Hardingham was a recent guest speaker on the Love & Guts podcast with host and naturopath Lynda Griparic. In this episode Rhiannon shares her wealth of knowledge on all things male infertility
An exciting opportunity is now available for an experienced Acupuncturist / Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner to join Fertile Ground Health Group (FGHG). FGHG practitioners are leaders in their respective profession for IVF support, fertility and pregnancy related treatments and are well respected among medical specialists and experts within this area of speciality. We are growing … Continued
Weakness or inactivity of the gluteal muscles can lead to misalignment of the pelvis and thighs, causing pains, strains and instability.
What's the best diet for PCOS? Paleo? Vegan? Keto? Low GI? Sometimes its actually too hard to overhaul your entire diet overnight but you still want results as quickly as possible. So here's the one, achievable change you can focus on to get powerful results.
Getting on top of Spring allergies can be tough and requires and comprehensive plan. Addressing gut health and optimising nutrients in an individualised way can help build your tolerance to allergens and greatly reduce all that itching, sneezing and wheezing.

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Delicious granola

This homemade granola recipe tastes great whilst being lower in sugar and higher in protein, which is good for blood sugar balance, hormone balance, weight management and fertility
How to find your way even if you’re struggling with feeling stuck Can you hear it whispering? That quiet, inner voice that knows – there has got to be more to life than this…or maybe it’s roaring. The heart speaks in whispers until it goes unheard for too long. Perhaps you’re feeling that nagging sense … Continued
By Amy O’Brien, FGHG Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Medicine practitioner Working at Fertile Ground as an Acupuncturist there is a lot of opportunity to understand how women are feeling on the day of their embryo transfer. We treat with acupuncture once or twice on the day of transfer, and there is a real wisdom in … Continued
By Gina Fox, FGHG Naturopath and co-author of Create a Fertile Life.   Preconception health really does set the foundation for creating healthy eggs and sperm to conceive, and to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.  So what is involved in a preconception and fertility plan with a naturopath? Ideally for at least 3-4 months before you … Continued
Things may not always go to plan during birth, but it's important to have a plan in place along with the right physical and emotional support to get you through whatever happens on the big day.
Did you know that up to 75% of Australian patients undergoing IVF seek the support of a CAM practitioner? And that naturopathy is one of the most sought-after modalities? (Rayner, et al., 2011). With IVF becoming increasingly common place, accounting for nearly 5% of all births in Australia & NZ, the naturopath in general practice is … Continued
Roasted tomato soup is flavoursome, healthy and perfect for winter.
We are looking for our next remedial and pregnancy massage superstar! Fertile Ground Health Group (FGHG) is a busy, multidisciplinary natural medicine practice specialising in preconception, infertility, pregnancy and family health. Your experience, motivation and passion for working with pregnant women, as well as your professional approach will see you fit in nicely with the … Continued
Recipe by Rhiannon Hardingham, FGHG Naturopath and Nutritionist This delicious and easy to prepare meal is so full of flavour and goodness that you’ll want to make it over and over again!   Fresh Salmon Patties with yoghurt sauce Makes 12 large patties, to provide 6 serves. These are a great way to sneak fish and … Continued
For the millions of people who have benefited from the very real and very powerful results of naturopathic care, the political decision to remove private health insurance rebates for naturopathy is equally concerning and confusing. We are busy being politically active, speaking and writing to members of parliament and signing petitions to change this unfounded decision.
(Isn’t fertility a “women’s problem”?) Written by Charmaine Dennis, naturopath The truth is, male fertility is declining at such a rapid rate that it is not just an issue for up to 50% of couples experiencing infertility, it has become a real public health issue. Sperm concentrations in western men have declined 50% over the … Continued
by Joanne Sharkey, FGHG acupuncturist In Chinese medicine theory, eating seasonal food is an important part of gaining balance and health and encourages us to live harmoniously in our natural environment. Eating cucumbers and mint in summer will cool you down, and in winter eating pumpkin soup with ginger and garlic will help you feel … Continued

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Fever management

Even the word "fever" is enough to bring up fears in most of us, and having a fever has many of us immediately reaching for the paracetmol packet and the cold towels. But did you know that, when managed carefully and correctly, fever is actually a friend not a foe?
The latest review of evidence is out and yes the results are clear. It seems it has been missed by many as it was published in the holidays on the 2nd January 2019! This is considered the most up to date evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis and should help to clarify the benefits … Continued
Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. Naturopath Rhiannon Hardingham shares this delicous, seasonal fig recipe for a delicious start to your day.
We caught up with Lael Stone to chat about her fascinating work as a parenting and sexuality educator. Lael runs workshops and one-on-one sessions that help equip parents with the tools to connect and communicate with their children and to have age-appropriate conversations about sex.
It’s a paradox that although IVF treatment can feel so overwhelming with appointments and the ups and downs of the emotional roller-coaster, it can also be an opportunity for personal growth rather than emotional shut down. FGHG Perinatal and Fertility Counsellor, Suzanne Hurley discusses these issues and ideas with Naturopath Gina Fox and looks at how women and men can endure the IVF process and life's other reproductive challenges and still keep a healthy perspective. Listen to the Finding Fertility podcast for more
Succotash is an American vegetable dish popping with flavour. It is often described as "Summer in a bowl". Fertile Ground Acupuncturist, Peter Slipper, shares with us his recipe and secret to making the tastiest succotash.
Clary sage is a herb that bears many gifts for women, both in hormonal balance and due to it's affinity for the uterine tissues. Find out how you can use this ally for labour, period problems, menopause and more.

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Surviving Summer Pregnancy

So your first 34 weeks of pregnancy has come and gone. For some this has been tumultuous and you’d rather not do it again, for others, it has been an enjoyable journey. But be prepared! In my experience working with many pregnant women, I can safely say that when trying to cope with the Summer heat, the coming 6 weeks of pregnancy may prove challenging, especially when embarking on the run to the finish line (not that you should be running!!).
Find out what naturopath Gina Fox has been cooking up lately
One of the things I’m most proud of in my practice is the remarkably low rates of gestational diabetes among my patient group. Pregnancy-related diabetes, like type 2 diabetes, is a growing concern in Australia and its diagnosis is increasing at a rate of about 5% per year. It is often dismissed as being a … Continued
A common question in clinic when discussing healthy eating strategies is ‘how do I cook fish?!’ Lots of people are nervous about cooking seafood, but it doesn’t have to be tricky. This roasted salmon recipe is so easy and super healthy. Loaded with lots of protein, plenty of greens, good fats and low GI carbs. … Continued
There are so many ways that acupuncture can support you during an IVF cycle and there is much excitement and literature being published about it's use pre and post embryo transfer. But one area that is not getting the attention it deserves is acupuncture treatment to support you after the egg retrieval procedure. FGHG Acupuncturist Joanne Sharkey explains.
There are couples who seem to naturally function as a team no matter what their circumstance. Others have very separate lives as valued independent and high functioning adults that happen also to be in a relationship. This difference does not particularly matter until perhaps there is an unexpected event such as infertility
This quick and easy spring vegetable soup is perfect for this time of the year. It’s warming and filling yet not too heavy and full of green vegetables. This means you get plenty of fibre, folate and antioxidants, which makes it a wonderful meal to include as part of a gentle detox. But you could just … Continued
Vitamin D3 (as opposed to vitamin D2 which is found in plants) is absorbed through our skin from exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is then processed by the liver, then in the kidney, before going into circulation through our body to assist in wellbeing in all sorts of ways. Learn more about the essential vitamin D and how to get more of it.
You probably knew that you were born with your eggs and that you naturally loose a number as you age. However the follicles sit in hibernation until around 100 days prior to ovulation. That means that the 100 days before the month you conceive is critical in the quality of your eggs.This is because most … Continued
Ashley Gordon, FGHG Acupuncturist takes us through the basics of acupuncture during pregnancy and explains why it’s such a good idea. Is it your first pregnancy? Maybe your second or third? Whichever is the case, when you are looking for pregnancy advice, if you Google it you will be inundated with pages of links and … Continued
by Charmaine Dennis, FGHG Director and Naturopath Simple to make, this delicious orange and ginger cake is rich with protein from eggs and almond meal. To help your body out of the slumber of winter, this cake is sure to warm the cockles of your heart and make the blood flow to your fingers and toes with … Continued
Revitalise Your Health Practice: busting the blocks to success through exploration and collaboration. A one day workshop with Charmaine Dennis (FGHG director/mentor/naturopath) and her long-term friend and colleague Gill Stannard (Sydney naturopath and mentor) in Melbourne – – – – – How does it feel to be in your business or clinic? If your heart … Continued
By Gina Fox, FGHG Naturopath & Nutritionist Constipation is more than annoying in pregnancy.  It’s important to treat constipation during pregnancy early to avoid extra pressure which may lead to varicose veins or haemorrhoids.  It can also cause headaches, cramping or pain and generally make you feel more tired.   It’s one of the conditions I … Continued
By Rosalyn Gilfillan, Remedial Massage Therapist While I was studying to become a Remedial Massage therapist I became fascinated by the change in another student’s reaction to touch. I had her lying on her back on the table and was practicing an abdominal sequence when she became quite giggly and I thought perhaps I was … Continued
These nutritious home made baked beans can be served with any combination of toast, eggs, sausages, cheese, avocado … or just deliciously on their own. Beans freeze well and will keep for a few days in the fridge, unless you eat them first (which you probably will). Yum! This recipe can also be cooked low … Continued
Fertile Ground Health Group (FGHG) is a busy, multidisciplinary, natural medicine practice with expertise in preconception, infertility, pregnancy and family health. We are currently seeking an experienced Osteopath with a desire to develop their career and work with other high achievers in a vibrant, professional team. If you are a dedicated professional with special interest and experience … Continued
From Tina Jenkins, FGHG Naturopath One of the things I love about winter is the delicious warming soups! This following recipe is one I make regularly throughout the colder months and freeze in small batches so that I always have it at the ready whenever needed. I love warming it up during the day and … Continued
By Ros Gilfillan, FGHG Remedial Massage Therapist Pregnancy by its very nature creates new postural patterns as the body compensates for a change in weight and shape. On it’s own this can be totally manageable, but many pregnant women have pre-existing postural issues, developed long before pregnancy and will need additional exercises to minimise muscular aches, … Continued
This sashimi bowl is quick & easy to prepare, is perfect for cold or warm months (just plus or minus miso soup) and provides loads of nutrition. If you’re pregnant (ie no raw fish) or vegetarian, use cooked salmon, tofu or tempeh instead of raw salmon, and seaweed salad instead of pickled octopus. Nutritional benefits: … Continued
The use of acupuncture treatment to support IVF has fast become a popular treatment. When considering the use of Acupuncture to support IVF and other ART there are a few key components of treatment to consider. Some people undertake only the minimum pre-transfer and post-transfer appointments to support the embryo transfer.  Most embark on a … Continued
written by Rhiannon Hardingham, recipe created by Julia Lette One of the best things about working at Fertile Ground is all of the fabulous and inspiring people I get to meet. A recent example of this was the fabulous Julia Lette – naturopath, personal trainer and (importantly for us) raw food chef extraordinaire! She has … Continued
This zucchini, fetta and herb slice is more of a brunch dish, filling your home with a delicious herbacious aroma while this slice is baking. The more herbs the better so feel free to mix it up and try different herbal variations. Dusting the dish with polenta makes an easy crunchy base for the slice. … Continued
Recipe by John Fleming, Melbourne Musician, from The Breakfast Project eBook by Charmaine Dennis and Milly Dabrowski “Coming up with gluten free breakfasts to satisfy everyone in the family is tricky. We ate flat, solid pancakes for a long time before learning about whites whipped and light. Fluffy AND gluten free? Yes it is possible! … Continued

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Sleep Boosters

By Consuella Garreffa, Diploma Remedial Massage, Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) – current Making up the triangle of a healthy lifestyle alongside diet and exercise, is ensuring a restful sleep cycle. Sleep allows our body and mind to fully relax and recharge. We like to think something that is so important for our wellbeing should be so … Continued
by Charmaine Dennis, FGHG Director and Naturopath Impress your friends and loved ones with health cake. Super easy, quick to make AND pretty. It’s nutrient dense, high in fibre, good fats, antioxidants, protein and energy as well as gluten, dairy and soy free and fine for vegans too.  Small pieces are satisfying so it is … Continued
By Sarah Harris, FGHG Paediatric & Family Naturopath Did you know Australians spend more on vitamins and supplements than on prescription drugs? With over 11,000 complementary medicine products for sale in Australia it’s no surprise to find bewildered parents doing their best to choose a supplement that might help their child feel better, healthier or … Continued
Gina Fox (FGHG Naturopath) talks with Dr Sushen Naidoo (FGHG Obstetrician) Want some help with deciding which Obstetrician to choose and how to go about getting an appointment? What qualities do you want in your Obstetrician? What does a good relationship with your Obstetrician look like? Have a listen to this podcast for a short discussion and … Continued
We are all abuzz at FGHG with news of an exciting new collaboration with Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr.Sushen Naidoo, who will be consulting from Fertile Ground Health Group from November 2017. Whilst we have long collaborated with our patients’ primary medical carers and pride ourselves on being in communication with them whenever needed, working alongside … Continued
🌟🌟 48HOUR FLASH SALE MONDAY 15th OCTOBER 🌟🌟 What we do on the retreat Respectful to culture, the retreat begins on Monday afternoon with a traditional Balinese welcome and story share, continues for 6 days and 5 nights, ending at lunchtime on the following Saturday. This is not your standard goal setting, achieve more, make more jobs for yourself, … Continued
By Consuella Garreffa, FGHG Remedial Massage Therapist So you’ve had the chat and decided that having children is on your agenda. There’s a new found freedom as many years trying not to conceive has finally turned tables. Contraception has been thrown out the window and the fun has begun! Unfortunately it may not be that … Continued
By Charmaine Dennis, FGHG naturopath and director. Every year the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA) holds a scientific meeting attracting experts in reproductive health from around the world, to present research and discuss new technologies and treatments. This year’s 2017 Merck symposium delivered plenty of healthy debate with it’s provocative main question for the day … Continued
Join us for an event with Tasha Jennings, Naturopath and author of The Fertility Diet to learn more about how you can boost your fertility even when doctors say you can’t! By Tasha Jennings Hi, I want to talk to you today about how you can improve your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy … Continued
By Charmaine Dennis, Naturopath. The hard facts about the effects of smoking on your fertility might be difficult to hear. If you are a smoker your brain will have been rewired to demand the reward that nicotine gives. Over time, this becomes a powerful force that is very difficult to resist. Research indicates that simply … Continued
Recipe by Tina Jenkins, FGHG naturopath This fresh, super-tasty, Spring veggie dish forms the perfect side dish to a portion of protein. Green veggies are alkalising and anti-inflammatory, making them wonderful for overall health as well as fertility. Fresh green beans, peas, parsley, basil and pistachios are a great source of folate, calcium, magnesium, protein, … Continued
Fertile Ground Health Group is proud to publicly support and celebrate the LGBTQI community and the principle of equality for all. The LGBTQI community is an integral part of our daily work in creating healthy families. They are our colleagues, family, friends, referral partners and patients who we care for every day. We offer our services, … Continued
At Fertile Ground Health Group (FGHG) we love caring for you throughout your fertility and pregnancy journey and when the baby comes the care does not end there! We offer a range of approaches to help support mums as they navigate the often challenging first months with a new babe. If you have been a … Continued

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IVF 2 Week Wait

By Gina Fox (FGHG naturopath) and Charmaine Dennis (FGHG naturopath and director) Are you feeling anxious, worried and wondering what you can do for support while you wait for your pregnancy test after embryo transfer? No more appointments now and feeling a bit lost and second guessing whether or not you’re pregnant? Confused with the … Continued
From a Chinese medicine perspective food is classified according to its attributes and the way it effects the balance of yin and yang energy in the body. In the cooler (yin) months our energy is occupied not only with its daily function to keep us healthy, it also requires yang energy to keep us warm. … Continued
Written by Charmaine Dennis, Naturopath. The most recent systematic review and meta-regression analysis of recent trends in sperm counts are not looking good fellas! There is a trend of SIGNIFICANT DECLINE. Certainly, the SBS On Demand TV series everyone is watching The Handmaid’s Tale, may truly be cause for concern. It shows female fertility as the problem for our future, … Continued
By Gina Fox, Head of Naturopathy at Fertile Ground 5 Top Tips for making meditation part of your daily routine 1.    Do just that – make meditating a routine.  Sit at the same time each day and your body will start to want to do it.  First thing in the morning is best and you can … Continued
By Gina Fox (FGHG naturopath) and Joanne Sharkey (FGHG acupuncturist) Surely all preconception and pregnancy multivitamins are the same right? If not how do I choose the right one? Do I even need a multivitamin if I eat a healthy diet? You might be surprised at the answers to these and many more questions raised in this episode of … Continued
Written by Gina Fox, Naturopath Getting a good night’s sleep is an excellent starting point to improve your attention span and concentration, raise energy levels and increase your tolerance to stressful incidents during the day. When to Eat and When to Sleep Preferably eat dinner before 7.30pm at least 4 hours before bed Avoid having … Continued


Recipe by Fertile Ground Naturopath, Tina Jenkins We asked Naturopath, Tina Jenkins what’s been bubbling in her pot this winter and she shared this delicious, spicy, comforting, baked eggs recipe. Not only is it warming and comforting but it’s also beneficial for the immune system due to the spices and high antioxidant content in the veggies it … Continued
Recipe by Fertile Ground Naturopath, Rhiannon Hardingham.  This Chilli Con Carne slow cooker recipe is my favourite Winter comfort food. It’s packed with nutritious ingredients and full of what we need to replenish iron, vitamins, fibre and immune boosting nutrients. In this recipe I use Kangaroo mince which is my preferred red meat protein source … Continued
Both Tina Jenkins and Gina Fox recently received their Masters of Reproductive Medicine (with Excellence). Here’s a picture of Tina at the graduation ceremony in NSW. Well done ladies! Here’s what Tina had to say about getting her Masters degree… “Obtaining a Masters degree has been a long process for me; 4 years of hard … Continued
By Gina Fox, Naturopath Listen now to Gina’s Podcast “How to be smart about stress and your fertility” The effect of stress can be different for each of us and just because you don’t feel stressed doesn’t mean that you may not be affected. The very busyness of our daily routines can result in constantly raised … Continued

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May 2017 Newsletter

Preparation is vital for success Reflecting on nature’s cycles is an inspirational way to make the changes we need to improve our health. Autumn shows us that it’s a time for change, for letting go of the old and to prepare for the months ahead, all with the promise of something new in the Spring. With this is mind we have … Continued
We hope you enjoy this Finding Fertility podcast interview by Naturopath Gina Fox with Acupuncturist Jo Sharkey and Massage Therapist & Birth Attendant Fiona Harrison on everything you wanted to know about birth preparation and natural induction techniques. At Fertile Ground we’re receiving more and more referrals from midwives and obstetricians for natural induction, using acupuncture, massage and other techniques that … Continued

Latest News

By Gina Fox (FGHG naturopath) and Joanne Sharkey (FGHG acupuncturist) We are thrilled to announce the latest in our informative podcast series WTF is MTHFR – an interview by Joanne Sharkey with Gina Fox on the ins and outs of MTHFR. Have you heard of MTHFR? What is it? Why is everybody talking about it? Could it be … Continued
By Charmaine Dennis, Naturopath and Co-director   It can be so easy to get caught up in the dos and don’ts of trying to conceive – don’t drink alcohol, go to your GP for testing, give up the cigarettes, exercise more … that we can forget to talk about the most important thing about getting … Continued
Research shows that acupuncture can be used to enhance IVF outcomes. Did you know that acupuncturists can help with preconception care, support around egg collection, pre- and post-transfer treatments and miscarriage prevention? Listen as Gina Fox (FGHG naturopath) interviews Joanne Sharkey (FGHG acupuncturist) about the how’s and why’s of acupuncture to support IVF.  What do … Continued
By Gina Fox, Naturopath   Not just an issue at menopause, bone density is a lifelong women’s health issue. Calcium is important in pregnancy and for fertility.  Here’s the low down. If you’re a woman this might be an issue for you and the time to do something about it is NOW!  Don’t wait until you … Continued
Prevention is the best cure, but even if you are experiencing pain it’s never too late to implement a regular routine of exercise, good postural awareness and to seek treatment for back problems before things get complicated.
by Rachel Steward, Acupuncturist. Are you trying to conceive or undergoing fertility treatment? Are you finding it stressful? You are not alone! In this article I will discuss some common experiences and how you can use exercise to build your resilience as you move through your fertility journey. Trying to conceive, whether naturally or with … Continued
by Ljupka Peev, Naturopath Cold and flu season is well and truly here, with lots of people unwell at the moment. Recently my friend’s two and a half-year-old son was sick and not eating. I made a big batch of my version of minestrone soup, which he loved! Here he is [or that’s him] drinking … Continued
by Rachel Steward, Acupuncturist After working with women undergoing fertility treatment for over fifteen years I thought I was well aware of how stressful it can be.  Every day I talk about, and treat, stress with my patients.  However, I recently came across some research which shocked me: A group of women undergoing IVF who … Continued
Anyone can feel better, anytime and quicker with naturopathic treatment of your present symptoms.

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Making friends with Stress

We have long been told that stress is our enemy and should be controlled, reduced, relaxed and avoided as much as possible…  however some research now suggests that we need to re-frame this stress in a more positive way. It seems that stress may only be bad for us if we believe that to be … Continued
We all know how important breastfeeding is for new born babies and infants, with so much research showing enhanced bonding and immunity, linking it with better health outcomes for your child – for now and into future years. However breastfeeding can be harder than most people realise. Pop them on the boob and off you … Continued
We field a lot of questions about super foods (fertility foods) at FGHG with lots of people wondering if they will be the miracle missing ingredient for their fertility challenges.  We thought it would be great to get one of our naturopaths to talk about what superfoods are really the best fertility foods.  And we … Continued
From the time of a positive pregnancy test right up to the baby is born, acupuncture is safe and effective.
Naturopathic Care for Male Factor Fertility Issues Around 15% of all couples are unable to conceive naturally, and male factor issues are thought to contribute to around half of these incidences. Whilst the only medical treatment for male factor infertility involves ICSI (IVF where an individual sperm is selected and injected into the egg to … Continued
We recently received this fantastic story from a patient and knew that you would love to read it. We love a positive outcome but we don't often get to tell the story from a patients point of view. We'd like to do more of this so if you would like to share your story, email us as per the details at the end of this story.
At Fertile Ground Health Group we are all about helping you and your body to perform at your best - whatever challenges you might be facing. Our goal is to help you be and stay healthy, happy, balanced and energised - body, mind and spirit.
PCOS is a condition that affects a woman's health and her fertility and it is a condition that I have been fortunate enough to see quite frequently in practice as a naturopath.
We've seen a few cases of full blown hay fever this year. This changeable weather seems to really challenge our immune systems. Pollens, damp, drying winds one after the other. Seems like no matter what your trigger is this year everyone is copping it!
Things have been very busy for myself and the Birth Attendant team at Fertile Ground Health Group. Between the three of us we have attended 5 births over the last month or so. And we are loving it!
My motto is that all crisis (no matter how small) leads to transformation so I figure this is my learning opportunity. No point learning alone, I thought I’d share the love with you.
“… it is very often simple lifestyle measures that make a difference to their capacity for sleeping well.”