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Jane Holland from The Melbourne Apothecary talks adapting to COVID

EMERGE – allow your natural buoyancy

“Just as the acorn contains the mighty oak tree, the Self has everything it needs to fulfil its destiny. When the inner conditions are right, it naturally emerges” What inner conditions  do you need to allow in order for your…

Food Relationship with Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary

What’s driving your food story?

Our ‘food story’ is intricately bound up in childhood memories, cultural narratives and familial patterns. Our bodies carry the impact of these stories – often body shame, diet confusion, mistrust of intuition and food guilt. If you are willing to explore these…

Leaky Gut with Georga Holt at The Melbourne Apothecary

How do you know if you have Leaky Gut?

Do you have a leaky gut? Learn WHY you need a healthy gut wall, HOW you know if you’ve got a leaky gut, and a few key HEALING options to factor into your gut care plan to get you feeling…

Alleviate Pregnancy Discomfort Fertile Ground Health Group

How to alleviate Summer pregnancy discomfort

Pregnancy can cause varied levels of discomfort no matter what time of year it is. Use this list of easy summertime solutions to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer 🌸

Acupuncture Melbourne

The next step in your Acupuncture career?

We are looking for our next incredible Acupuncturist. To be eligible for this position you already have passion, interest and experience in reproductive health, pre-conception care, infertility, IVF/ART…

IVF Support Masterclass with Rhiannon Hardingham

IVF Support Masterclass now open

Aren’t you supposed to know this information already? Actually, no. The information Rhiannon shares is not taught in Naturopathic programs, university level or otherwise. Are you a practitioner keen to register? Find out more…

Deep Sleep Yin Yoga with Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary

Yin for the Sleep Win…#Yinning

How many nights have you SWORN you would get off Netflix earlier/or stop scrolling social in bed/run a bath/rubbed lavender into your pillow/mediated/got a better night’s sleep?! Or perhaps you tend to lay in bed, wide eyed, coaxing yourself to drop down, only to become more restless the longer you remain awake?! If you answered yes, you are not alone! An astonishing 39.8% Australians are not getting…

Freya Lawler Healthy Pregnancy Diet Fertile Ground Health Group

Build your best healthy pregnancy diet

It is now more commonly understood that most conditions occurring in adulthood originate in foetal life. This evidence highlights the importance of following an optimal prenatal diet to not only set the stage for the health of your growing baby and your personal pregnancy, but it holds a strong influence on the health outcomes of future…

Pain in pregnancy

Pain in Pregnancy

Pain is a misunderstood beast. It is perhaps one of the most important survival mechanisms your body has. It used to be believed that pain was a reaction to tissue damage, but we now know that pain is predictive, it functions more like a warning of potential damage either real or imagined, and the most interesting part is that it is…

massage job available now

Seeking remedial and pregnancy massage therapist

Your experience, motivation and passion for working with pregnant women, as well as your professional approach to massage will see you fit in nicely. Do you desire to be the best in your profession, to be supported by opportunities to collaborate with some of the most respected practitioners in complementary health…

Springtime in Mind - Suzanne Hurley

Springtime In Mind

Have a think about how you want to get down and hug in close to your own fertile mind. Care for a lamb, a new baby, nurture your eggs, build a nest, bud forth an idea, spring into life. If you can’t spring into life, just walk or crawl, one foot in front of the other, one day at a time and allow the seasonal vitality to be absorbed through…

Nicole Cukierman - baby's head

How healthy is your baby’s head and neck?

If a baby is born with a restricted neck they are susceptible to spending time with their head resting on the one side which may lead to unevenness over time. 1 in 3 mums also reported feeling that their baby remained in the same position or was stuck during their final…

COVID Recovery Package with Fertile Ground and The Melbourne Apothecary

Your Free COVID Recovery Package

These resources have felt like a lifesaver for many people who have felt disconnected, stressed, in pain, anxious and fearful with reverberating body-wide repercussions like restlessness, digestive issues, insomnia, panic attacks, breathing difficulties, muscular pain…

Rebuild a healthier world

Rebuilding a Healthier World Together

We believe that every single system on this planet is intimately entwined with every other system – we all rely on each other. Right now the world is out of balance, unhealthy. We believe that…

Your Diet with Freya Lawler

Tips for optimising your diet during a pandemic

One of the great things about paying attention to your diet is that you can get started immediately and see results quickly. So here they are – some of my best tips for optimising your diet during a pandemic.

Healthier Mask Breathing with Carly Woods

Your Guide to Healthier Mask Breathing

Mask wearing and mask breathing is really hard. Why? Much of it is to do with carbon dioxide which, when understood and used to your advantage, can actually be used to improve your health rather than hinder it. In fact it can be part of the solution to many…

Movement with AbunDance - Katy Woods

Movement with AbunDance

I offer this series exclusively to Fertile Ground, to the mothers and the mothers to be, to join me in opening to, generating and maintaining your sense of feminine sensual movement. This is about confidence. This is about play. This is about curiosity and moving even more into connection with your body and …

Pea & Parsnip Soup

Winter Warmer Soups

As we start to move into winter, the cooler weather brings with it a natural inclination for warmer foods. Slow-cooked dishes, casseroles and stewed fruit are meals that are lovely to have over the winter period. Some of my favourite warming meals to have are nourishing soups.

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Pelvic Girdle Pain

Common symptoms of Pelvic Girdle Pain include sharp, stabbing or grabbing pain that is aggravated climbing up and down stairs, getting dressed/undressed, rolling over in bed, getting in and out of the car, extended periods standing, sitting or walking and pain on sexual intercourse.

Pregnancy & Skin

Pregnancy & Skin Changes

Although some women experience improvements or no change in acne during pregnancy, a substantial number suffer acne flare ups during this time, which may also indicate a higher risk for similar flare ups during future pregnancies. A shift in hormones, specifically progesterone, estrogen and androgens, during pregnancy can stimulate…

your period

What does your period tell you about your endometrial lining?

When I was a teenager, all I learned about my period was that it happened. The subject was taboo, only the essentials were discussed, and further information just wasn’t available. If you are the same, then it may take some months of observation to notice things you haven’t before. It is not uncommon that women…

help your kids manage stress

Help your kids manage stress

How can you help your kids manage stress? Living in this day and age, stress is a normal part of modern life. Some types of stress can be helpful, whereas other types of stress can be incredibly debilitating if sustained long-term. Sometimes stress can be so overwhelming, it feels like it is taking over your child’s life. Thankfully, the body has…

Roasted Tomato Soup

Roasted Tomato Soup

Roasted Tomato Soup is one of my favourite winter recipes. Roasting the tomatoes brings out their natural sweetness and enhances the flavour.

I usually double or triple the recipe and stock up the freezer with it so it’s easy to take out the night before for a very quick dinner the following day.

Deep connection

Deep connection – are you ready?

So much of the world pulls us out of ourselves. Out of our bodies, our attention is scattered in all directions except within. Now that we have the space and distance from the outer distractions you can bring your attention back within to be able to know what is really happening for you. 

Josephine Cabrall at Fertile Ground Health Group

Magic green sauces

Green sauces are a tasty way to sneak in some extra greens and jazz up roast veggies to make sure you are meeting your vegetable quota. Green sauces are herbaceous, full of flavour and packed with immune boosting antioxidants and vitamin…

Meditation with Gina

How to find calm amid the chaos

Meditation can help you with an incredibly diverse range of things such as providing immense relief from your anxiety and stress, resetting your circadian rhythms, regulating a daily practice of deep rest, facilitating repair in your body, and encouraging a deeper sense of connection and wholeness.

Lockdown Lentil Patties

Lockdown Lentil Patties

Have you been struggling for lunch ideas while in lockdown? Lost for inspiration amongst preparing all your own food? These lentil patties have been a life saver for me. With the weather getting colder, I’m sure most of use feel like a warm meal for lunch but want something that is quick, tasty and healthy. These patties are all of those things.

Stress management

Improve your fertility during lockdown

Whilst there are certainly pros and cons of being in lockdown, there are many things that you can be doing now to help improve your chances of conceiving. 

Incorrect Posture

Working from Home?

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 many of us are now working from home, making for the perfect time to look at our home workplace ergonomics.

Reach out if you need support: Introducing phone/online counselling

Counselling appointments are now available over the phone or via online video. Talking with a counsellor about your concerns and accessing emotional management strategies at this challenging time can be very grounding and reassuring, enabling you to be more in control of your thoughts and overwhelm.

Introducing Online Immune Support Consults

All of our naturopaths are available for 30-minute Immune Support Phone Consultations and we have set up this new appointment type for existing and new patients. You can book online (or call us anytime). Whilst there is yet no TGA approved intervention for COVID-19 specifically, complementary medicine has much to offer in regard to supporting your general health, immune function and wellbeing.

Boost your immunity

Are you worried about your immune system’s ability to fight off infection? A healthy immune system is more likely to be able to provide a timely and robust response when exposed to a “bug” (e.g. virus) which in turn reduces your chance of experiencing symptoms and getting sick. The health of your body’s immune system

What do tennis players and new mums have in common?

By FGHG Osteopath, Nicole Cukierman The answer is unexpected but makes perfect sense! Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is an irritation and overuse of the muscles and tendons that extend your wrist and fingers. Anyone who finds themselves repeating the same actions over and over can develop this painful and chronic condition. While 50% of

Acupuncture and Vulvodynia

What is vulvodynia? Vulvodynia is a chronic pain condition characterised by pain and potentially a burning sensation in the female genitals, specifically of the vulva, and entrance of the vagina. The pain is often brought on when pressure is applied to the area, such as with bike riding, sitting for prolonged periods, and sexual intercourse. …

Deep Rest

How to reignite your vitality even if you’re feeling time-poor & exhausted – check out this one day, full immersion in February with Charmaine Dennis and Carly Woods. Do you feel like you’re whirring along in a hurricane of ‘to do’ without much time left for YOU? Stop right there – you’re supposed to have it … Continued

Does acupuncture increase your chances of conceiving during IVF?

The latest findings of two 2019 meta-analyses. By Kim Riley At Fertile Ground Health Group, many of our fertility acupuncture clients have been considering IVF, or are already undergoing IVF treatment. Past research has been both supportive and unsupportive of the efficacy of acupuncture during IVF treatment and we are often asked what the latest …

Super Simple Super Salads

By Josephine Cabrall, FGHG Naturopath These two salads are versatile side dishes to a variety of meals. The fennel slaw particularly compliments chicken and fish but I find it can form a part of any good spread, making it perfect for picnics, barbeques and pot luck dinners. The chickpea salad can be a stand-alone meal …

How to change your diet to beat PCOS

By Josephine Cabrall, FGHG Naturopath So you may have read my last post “The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do To Heal PCOS” about the powerful effects of quitting sugar on PCOS. But some of us may not get the results we want from quitting sugar alone and this is where we need to turn …

Inside the magic of the counselling room

By Suzanne Hurley, FGHG Perinatal Counsellor As the Perinatal and Fertility Counsellor at Fertile Ground Health Group, there are many times that I notice my own goose bumps as I shiver at what is happening in the counselling room. The shivers are for the remarkable connections that people make when reflecting on their experiences, the …

Nutritional building blocks for healthy mum, healthy baby

By Sarah Harris, FGHG Paediatric Naturopath Pregnancy is often described as a ‘window of opportunity’. As a mother, being in the best of health before and during pregnancy can help influence critical stages of your baby’s development and help create a happy and healthy child. Taking good care of yourself during pregnancy and breastfeeding as …