COVID SAFETY UPDATE (as of 18th October 2021)

COVID SAFETY UPDATE (as of 18th October 2021)

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Free 10 minute Health Consults

We believe that bodies and minds thrive when given the right ingredients. We are dedicated to boosting our community’s wellbeing and this is why we are offering free 10 minute health consults with our naturopaths and nutritionists. Book yours.

MA's October Love Letter

MA’s October Love Letter

The 3 things I want to share with you are perfect for helping to bring you back to your centre, to nourish, to unwind, to prepare for the next phase of the beautiful unknowns of life. I hope these things help to allow a sense of serenity to descend, giving a…

Fertile Ground Health Group Acupuncture team

Join our Acupuncture team

You already have passion, confidence and experience in reproductive health, pre-conception care, infertility, IVF/ART, pregnancy, birth and beyond – but you have a point of difference too. Apply now to join our highly regarded Acupuncture team.

Ten fertility enhancing foods

Ten Fertility Enhancing Foods

Often it’s the unassuming, simple, wholefoods that actually have incredible ‘super’ qualities that we can take advantage of daily. Consider blueberries, salmon and green leafy veggies just to name a few. To be super, food does not necessarily need to be exotic. For example…

Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy can lead to a more relaxed mother, a happier, healthier pregnancy and possibly an easier childbirth experience. Massage is also beneficial for the recovery of your body after your baby’s birth.

Join our reception team

Your opportunity to join our Reception team

This is your chance to join our Fertile Ground / The Melbourne Apothecary reception team and work with some of Melbourne’s best practitioners. Applications close Wednesday 20 September 2021. Apply now.

Naturopath Tina Jenkin's Peanut butter protein ball recipe

Peanut butter protein balls

The combination of the peanut butter, protein powder and raspberries are delicious and such a great healthy snack to grab throughout the day to keep your energy levels from dropping (the protein is great for stabilising blood sugar levels).

Emily Macfarlane, Naturopath at The Melbourne Apothecary

MA’s August Love Letter

I am thrilled to announce that Emily Macfarlane has officially joined The Melbourne Apothecary team to offer general health naturopathic consults to our wonderful community (yes, that’s you). We believe in meeting you where you’re at to inspire healthy change.

Pregnancy and Exercise - with Osteopath Nicole Cukierman at Fertile Ground Health Group

Exercise during Pregnancy

Performing the recommended type and amount of physical activity during pregnancy achieves health benefits for mother and baby including reduced risk of of pre-eclampsia, pregnancy induced hypertension, a reduction in instrumental delivery and…

Counselling for Fertility - Written by Suzanne Hurley, Perinatal Counsellor

Counselling for Fertility

You may be struggling with a new identity of needing IVF, or you may have made many attempts with IVF and feel drained emotionally, mentally, and physically. Addressing the grief of what has and or is happening is fundamental to the work we do together…

Part 6 - Your Guide to IVF by Naturopath Sage King

Your Guide to IVF

Did you know the first baby in Australia conceived using IVF was only born in 1980?1 The IVF process has developed quickly in the past 40 years, and has helped many individuals and couples successfully bring babies into this world…

July 2021 Love Letter

MA’s July 2021 love letter

MA’s love letters arrive each month brimming with an array of life enhancing freebies and information. This month you have the opportunity to collect beautiful newborn baby apparel – for free! You are also invited to start using our shared Holistic Health Library.

Sage King_Preconception Series_Fertile Ground Health Group, IUI

What is IUI & do you Qualify?

In a world where sperm quality is on the decline due to today’s way of living and environmental factors, reproduction can be complex. So if IUI assists to find the best quality sperm prior to insemination, what if the quality of sperm is poor to begin with? 

Sage Preconception_is egg freezing for you?

Is Egg Freezing for You?

You could say that egg freezing is conducted as a fertility insurance policy. For some, you hope you never have to use it. For others it’s absolutely the insurance policy you need. If or when you do need to use it, you want that insurance policy to be as good as possible. 

Enhance your Fertility Naturally

When it comes to being proactive at improving your health for fertility, the internet, books, people around us, and social media are all full of their own interpretation of what is “good” and what you “should” be doing. Today will simplify some of that information so you can…

MA Love Letter June 2021

MA’s love letters – June 2021

These monthly MA love letters contain links to a variety of life enhancing freebies that our fabulous practitioners are constantly creating to help everyone cope during COVID and…

Fertility Massage

A fertility massage appointment will give you time out for you. Time to reconnect with your whole self, your heart and your womb. Time to release and let go. Time to honour what is…

Menopause with Suzanne Hurley from Fertile Ground Health Group

Putting A Pause On Menopause

Thinking about a good time to have a baby may be considered good family planning, but what happens when reproductive….

Autumn Changes with Reina Hanaoka from Fertile Ground Health Group

Self Care for Autumn Changes

Autumn is the driest season. What can you do to support yourself during this transitional time and the impacts that this shift has on your system…….

Zucchini Salad with Josephine Cabrall from Fertile Ground Health Group

Zucchini and Chilli Pepita Salad

This zucchini and chilli pepita salad is a simple dish that I love for shoulder seasons. It’s still got a lot of freshness about it but the grilled zucchini is easier to digest…

PCOS and weight loss with Josephine Cabrall from Fertile Ground Health Group

Weight loss and PCOS

Weight loss improves just about every aspect of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Whilst it is often more difficult to lose weight when you have PCOS, even modest weight…..

Your Fertility Plan with Sage King from Fertile Ground Health Group

What’s Your Fertility Plan?

It can be quite overwhelming for any individual or couple to decide if their family plan includes children, let alone go one step further and reach out for support…..

Food Relationship with Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary

What’s driving your food story?

Our ‘food story’ is intricately bound up in childhood memories, cultural narratives and familial patterns. Our bodies carry the impact of these stories – often body shame, diet confusion, mistrust of intuition and food guilt. If you are willing to explore these…

Leaky Gut with Georga Holt at The Melbourne Apothecary

How do you know if you have Leaky Gut?

Do you have a leaky gut? Learn WHY you need a healthy gut wall, HOW you know if you’ve got a leaky gut, and a few key HEALING options to factor into your gut care plan to get you feeling…

Alleviate Pregnancy Discomfort Fertile Ground Health Group

How to alleviate Summer pregnancy discomfort

Pregnancy can cause varied levels of discomfort no matter what time of year it is. Use this list of easy summertime solutions to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer 🌸

The next step in your Acupuncture career?

We are looking for our next incredible Acupuncturist. To be eligible for this position you already have passion, interest and experience in reproductive health, pre-conception care, infertility, IVF/ART…

IVF Support Masterclass with Rhiannon Hardingham

IVF Support Masterclass now open

Aren’t you supposed to know this information already? Actually, no. The information Rhiannon shares is not taught in Naturopathic programs, university level or otherwise. Are you a practitioner keen to register? Find out more…

Deep Sleep Yin Yoga with Jane Holland at The Melbourne Apothecary

Yin for the Sleep Win…#Yinning

How many nights have you SWORN you would get off Netflix earlier/or stop scrolling social in bed/run a bath/rubbed lavender into your pillow/mediated/got a better night’s sleep?! Or perhaps you tend to lay in bed, wide eyed, coaxing yourself to drop down, only to become more restless the longer you remain awake?! If you answered yes, you are not alone! An astonishing 39.8% Australians are not getting…

Freya Lawler Healthy Pregnancy Diet Fertile Ground Health Group

Build your best healthy pregnancy diet

It is now more commonly understood that most conditions occurring in adulthood originate in foetal life. This evidence highlights the importance of following an optimal prenatal diet to not only set the stage for the health of your growing baby and your personal pregnancy, but it holds a strong influence on the health outcomes of future…

Pain in pregnancy

Pain in Pregnancy

Pain is a misunderstood beast. It is perhaps one of the most important survival mechanisms your body has. It used to be believed that pain was a reaction to tissue damage, but we now know that pain is predictive, it functions more like a warning of potential damage either real or imagined, and the most interesting part is that it is…

massage job available now

Seeking remedial and pregnancy massage therapist

Your experience, motivation and passion for working with pregnant women, as well as your professional approach to massage will see you fit in nicely. Do you desire to be the best in your profession, to be supported by opportunities to collaborate with some of the most respected practitioners in complementary health…

Springtime in Mind - Suzanne Hurley

Springtime In Mind

Have a think about how you want to get down and hug in close to your own fertile mind. Care for a lamb, a new baby, nurture your eggs, build a nest, bud forth an idea, spring into life. If you can’t spring into life, just walk or crawl, one foot in front of the other, one day at a time and allow the seasonal vitality to be absorbed through…

Nicole Cukierman - baby's head

How healthy is your baby’s head and neck?

If a baby is born with a restricted neck they are susceptible to spending time with their head resting on the one side which may lead to unevenness over time. 1 in 3 mums also reported feeling that their baby remained in the same position or was stuck during their final…

COVID Recovery Package with Fertile Ground and The Melbourne Apothecary

Your Free COVID Care Package

These resources have felt like a lifesaver for many people who have felt disconnected, stressed, in pain, anxious and fearful with reverberating body-wide repercussions like restlessness, digestive issues, insomnia, panic attacks, breathing difficulties, muscular pain…

Rebuild a healthier world

Rebuilding a Healthier World Together

We believe that every single system on this planet is intimately entwined with every other system – we all rely on each other. Right now the world is out of balance, unhealthy. We believe that…