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Kerry’s Baked Ricotta

Sounds hot, but the ricotta is baked then cooled and kept for numerous breakfast or snack creations in the days ahead. The creamy baked…

Kale and Walnut Pesto

Eggs with kale & walnut pesto

Cooking up a hearty breakfast of poached eggs with kale and walnut pesto is a great way to stabilise your blood sugar and fuel up with nutrient dense delicious veggies

do for eczema

What can I do for eczema?

There is a lot you can do for eczema, especially in the area of natural medicine, diet and lifestyle. The microbiome of the skin is particularly important…

the menstrual cycle, Kiah McGowan

Living in accordance to the menstrual cycle

The ebbs and flows of Yin, Yang, Blood and Qi in Chinese Medicine are very similar to the hormonal fluctuations understood by Western Medicine. In both medicines, changes that…

Raspberry Lime Smoothie Bowl

Springtime Raspberry Lime Smoothie Bowl

Try this Springtime Raspberry Lime Smoothie Bowl – great for all stages of your fertility journey, whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant, or have already given birth.

the Common cold

Making the common cold less common

When the temperature outside drops more than 5 degrees, it causes a reduction of humidity in the nasal passage and the continual inhalation of dry air dries our…

Gina Fox naturopathy and IVF

Naturopathy and IVF

Interested to learn more about how our fertility naturopaths can boost your egg and sperm quality and optimse your IVF outcomes? Changes in diet, lifestyle and nutritional repletion can significantly help.

Acne naturopath

How does Acne form? 

Your gut health is an important consideration when it comes to acne as an imbalance in gut bacteria can lead to an increased risk of developing acne. Gut support is essential in managing acne presentation and proliferation.

Birth for Humankind

Birth for Humankind need our help

Birth for Humankind rely fully on public donations to support women and gender diverse birthing people during pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We know we can help!

Immunity Support in Winter

A key factor that determines our susceptibility to viral infections and the severity to which they affect us, is the functional and adaptive capacity our innate and adaptive immunity  when we are exposed to infection.

recurrent miscarriage

Find Help for Recurrent Miscarriage

While in some cases the cause is unknown, there are many reasons associated with an increased risk and incidence of miscarriage. Find out more…

infertility counselling

Infertility Counselling

When you can’t hold hope for yourself let an infertility counsellor do the holding for you. Let them be your fearless champion by walking beside you in the darkness before the light reveals itself.

Reception and Dispensing Team

Join our Reception & Dispensing Team

This is your opportunity to join our wonderful team at Fertile Ground and The Melbourne Apothecary in the role of Reception and Herbal Dispensing. Apply now.

Postnatal Depletion

Postnatal Depletion Recovery

We delve into postnatal depletion and supportive measures we can offer women who suffer from prolonged fatigue, stress and ensuing mental health issues which impede optimal family functioning.

Are Contraceptives Harmful?

Are Contraceptives Harmful?

One source of chemical exposure that particularly affects women are pharmaceutical contraceptives, which while providing important birth control benefits, can also have adverse effects on the body, particularly…

Does Acupuncture Induction Work?

Does Acupuncture Induction Work?

The study suggests that acupuncture, when applied during the final weeks of pregnancy, can effectively reduce the need for labour induction, particularly in cases of prolonged…

Unexplained Fertility Issues

Unexplained Fertility Issues

What is it and how is it diagnosed? We explore the known causes and the role of naturopathic medicine. Georgia Marrion offers insights on fostering fertile ground and managing this often devastating diagnosis.

Osteopathy career Fertile Ground Health Group

Are you our new Osteopath?

You will not only receive dedicated business management and administrative support, but will also be immersed in a collaborative team of exceptional practitioners to grow, work and co-create with. We provide…

Does Induction Massage Work?

Does Induction Massage Work?

One of the common questions we receive is “Does Induction Massage Work?”. The short answer is: Induction massage helps to prepare you and your body so that you are in the…

Muesli Recipe with Tina Jenkins at Fertile Ground Health Group

Muesli Recipe by Tina Jenkins

Tina has been busy in the kitchen whipping up a storm! Her latest creation was muesli! Just looking at it makes me hungry.
Check out this recipe and try it at home if you’re wanting a tasty, crunchy brekkie!

Nina’s Brothy Poached Eggs

“Here’s a wonderful breakfast recipe, if you have a batch of stock (I freeze 250ml portions for this purpose) on hand it’s really very quick and a big fave at our place. This recipe is adapted from a wonderful book Fertility Wisdom….

Post natal mother roasting massage

Mother Roasting Massage

Our signature massage, warming specific areas of the new mothers body, restores energy and recharges spirits. We use moxa, hot wheat packs and warm towels, warmed oils and warming essential oils to leave you feeling renewed, rested, nurtured and balanced.

Histamine Intolerance and Infertility

Histamine Intolerance and Infertility

Why Histamine Intolerance and Infertility? Being able to detect/identify and treat/manage Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) can make a big difference to your general health and fertility if you are experiencing these conditions. 

MTHFR and Healthy DNA

Methylation, MTHFR and Fertility

Methylation is an important biochemical, cellular process for optimal fertility, producing healthy eggs and sperm for a healthy conception. MTHFR genetic issues can impact on methylation too. Read on…

Infertility at Christmas

Infertility at Christmas

Did you know that “one in six couples in Australia and New Zealand suffer infertility.” – Fertility Society of Australia
We have 5 Tips To Cope for those struggling with their fertility.

Bone Broth

Golden Liquid – Bone Broth

A jar of bone broth is my go-to gift for a new mama. Why bone broth? Well it’s filled with all these wonderful nutrients that nurture and nourish the gut and soul. Such as collagen, the building block of healthy joints….

Zuo Yue Zi

Zou Yue Zi – Postpartum from a TCM Perspective

Zuo Yue Zi is a long-documented practice in China which literally translates to “Doing the Month”. This is more commonly known in Western Culture as the Golden Month after birth.

If you have undergone IVF treatments

If You Have Undergone IVF Treatments

If you have undergone IVF treatments, you will know just how important creating a quality embryo is to achieving a pregnancy. It is estimated that over 90% of genetically normal embryos will result in a live birth.

Fertility Naturopath

Are you our next Fertility Naturopath?

An exciting opportunity is available now for an experienced Fertility Naturopath to join our team at Fertile Ground Health Group. To be eligible for this position you already have passion, interest and experience in…

Postnatal Supplements

Should I be taking Postnatal Supplements?

Postnatal supplements can assist with milk supply and post birth recovery. It will often contain Iron to replenish stores lost during delivery, Vitamin B, D, choline, zinc and Magnesium.

Oaty blueberry muffin The Breakfast Project

Oaty Blueberry Muffins

Of course, these are not your usual fluffy sugar-filled muffins like you might have grabbed en-route to work from your favourite coffee shop once or twice…
These are a hearty, guaranteed to fill you up with goodness kind of muffin.

Collaborative Fertility Health Team

Your Collaborative Fertility Health Team

Your health team will help you identify and understand any challenges you face and what you can do to overcome them or improve your potential. Learning how to be and stay healthy, how to optimise your fertility and…

Free 10 minute introduction consults, Fertile Ground Health Group, The Melbourne Apothecary

Free 10 minute Introduction Consults

We believe bodies and minds thrive when given the right ingredients. Take the opportunity to book your free 10 minute introduction consults with our naturopaths, nutritionists, midwife, counsellors and coaches.

Ovulation And Fertile Window

Ovulation And Fertile Window

There are several methods to determine your ovulation and fertile window. You can track the length of your cycle, know your secretions, test your urine to detect when you may be approaching ovulation, and chart your temperature. Let’s explore these in more detail.

transition to motherhood

Support For Your Transition To Motherhood

The transition to motherhood can also be known as Matrescence. Discover what Matrescence is and the key aspects of postpartum care that enable this time to be an incredibly nourishing and joyous time.

Berry Quinoa Porridge

Berry Quinoa Porridge

Rinse your quinoa (or buy it pre-washed from the bulk section at your local health food store). This gets rid of saponins that make it slightly bitter and hard to digest. The most effective way is to put it in a pot with lots of water and swish it around with your hand until