Massage is good for everyone! Whether you use it for pain relief, relaxation, recovery from birth (or parenting!) or just simple pleasure, massage has so much to offer our health and wellbeing. As a parent, learning to massage your own children can be a wonderful tool for connection, calming and care.
Pregnancy massage, Fertile Ground Health Group

For Parents

Postnatal massage can help in your recovery from birth and relieve tension and stress in both new parents. In the care of our experienced practitioners massage is safe and advisable whichever form your birth has taken, be it natural vaginal, assisted, induced or caesarean. Massage will assist swelling and sore muscles as well as providing emotional space and relief. Many new mums find massage helps ease tension and soreness from using different muscles during breast feeding, carrying and lifting a new baby. Massage also provides you with a small window in which to look after your self, relax, unwind and have some space.

Mother roasting

Mother Roasting, a special postnatal massage, is practised in many traditional cultures as part of recovery from birth and to help with the demands of early mothering. Based on Chinese Medicine principles, it involves massaging and warming specific areas of the new mothers body to restore energy and to ensure the digestive, liver and kidney energy systems, and the woman’s spirits are recharged.

This practice takes different forms in various cultures. In Malaysia, a special stone that has been heated in a fire, is wrapped in a cloth and placed on the abdomen. In Thailand, a fire was lit at the mother’s bedside, where she would lie day and night rotating her body every half an hour. In the Hopi Indian culture in Arizona, the mother was rested on top of a heated bed of sand and a sheepskin, and then covered well. In all these cultures, during this time she is nurtured, massaged, fed nourishing foods and supported in her recuperation from birth by family helping to care both for her and her newborn.

Mother roasting postnatal massage is performed two weeks after the birth of your new baby, or whenever you feel you can leave your postpartum bubble. Our nurturing practitioners use moxa, hot organic wheat packs and warm towels, warmed oils and warming essential oils to help nourish your Qi and Blood. You will leave feeling renewed, rested, nurtured and balanced – body, mind and spirit!

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For Baby

Infant Massage

Bonding with your baby means forming a unique and close relationship between you and your baby. Eye and skin contact, smell, smiles and soothing vocal sounds, each play a part in the bonding process and are the essential elements of Infant Massage.

Through observing and responding to your baby’s smiles, frowns, coos and kicks with nurturing touch, you reinforce feelings of trust and respect. These feelings provide the foundation of your relationship for years to come.

If you are a working parent, massage can compensate for separation by providing a special relaxing time for you and your baby.

For fathers, the nurturing environment and close interaction of massage offers you a special opportunity to develop a deeper bond, parental confidence and handing skills.

In situations where delayed bonding may occur (premature birth, caesarean delivery, medical complications, adoption, post-natal depression) Infant Massage provides the healing environment where you and your baby can re-establish your close relationship.

Benefits for the baby:

  • Improves sleep patterns and your baby is more easily settled.
  • Proven relief from the distress of wind, colic and constipation with unique soothing strokes.
  • Strengthens immune system functions, increasing resistance to illness.
  • Heightens alertness and sociability when your baby is awake.

Benefits for the parents/caregivers:

  • Increases your confidence and skills.
  • Creates a relaxing, special time, for you to share with your baby.
  • Helps reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Enhances communication and provides a nurturing environment for conversation as your baby grows.

At FGHG, our experienced Baby Massage Instructors will help you develop massage skills to soothe and nurture your baby and help you gain deeper understanding of your baby’s unique signals and needs. Instruction is available within the clinic or in the convenience of your own home. Group sessions also available.

  • Each session is individually structured to meet the needs of both you and your baby.
    Instructors demonstrate on life-size dolls. You are then able to follow the strokes with your baby.
  • You may require between three and five session of sixty to ninety minutes duration to learn a full sequence at a pace both you and your baby are comfortable with.
  • Strokes are taught gradually, allowing development of your confidence, your baby’s tolerance levels and enabling the individual needs of each parent and baby to be met.
    Contact us for more information or to make an appointment with a baby massage instructor.

Post natal massage home and hospital visiting service:

In need of a massage but finding it inconvenient to come into our practice? FGHG offers home visits as well as hospital visits for all post natal massage services during the first 6 weeks after giving birth.

To book a home or hospital visit please contact reception on (03) 9419 9988 or email Subject to suburb availability and occasionally travel fees will apply.

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