By helping you adopt a healthy attitude, diet and environment, our naturopaths can help you build a lifestyle that supports not only yourself but also your family's health, resilience and wellbeing.
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What is postnatal naturopathy?

Are you considering naturopathic care after childbirth? If you have been researching alternative, holistic ways of taking care of yourself and your family’s health, then you may be considering postnatal naturopathy and how it can help you.

Naturopathy focuses on a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. This means it’s less about focusing on one particular area and more about taking a number of different aspects into consideration. In naturopathy, a strong emphasis is placed on the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and stress management. As a holistic approach to wellness, naturopathy also encompasses the use of nutritional supplementation, herbal medicines and homeopathy to help you better manage your overall health, and the health of your family.

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How postnatal naturopathy works

Whilst naturopathy can provide a quick fix for acute issues, the emphasis is on holistic intervention and preventative health care. Naturopaths pay close attention to a person’s overall physical and mental state to see how improvements can be made to their health and wellness as a whole. Often, a naturopath will work closely in collaborative consultation with other medical practitioners to ensure thorough testing (and/or diagnosis if needed) and obtain the best holistic results for you.

Naturopathy for the whole family

We don’t just offer postnatal naturopathy services in Melbourne for parents. We also offer naturopathic services for babies and young children. Telehealth is available for ease of consultation too.

For Parents

Tiredness/exhaustion and sometimes even overwhelm can be a regular part of new parenting as you learn to adjust to your new role. Rest assured that there are many avenues of support available and our expert practitioners are highly experienced in helping new parents negotiate this changing landscape.

Managing your diet is an important consideration for breastfeeding mums and chestfeeding parents whose nutritional needs are the highest they will be compared to any other stage of life! It is useful and reassuring to get sound advice and experienced support about what is best for you and your baby.

Our naturopaths see new parents for a variety of issues, including:

  • recovery and healing from the birth
  • breast feeding (low milk supply, cracked nipples, mastitis)
  • sleep deprivation
  • boosting energy levels
  • low mood, tears and post-natal depression
  • stress and anxiety
  • weight management
  • belly and skin rejuvenation
  • reduction of reactions to your milk from your breastfeeding baby
  • helping to settle your baby

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For Baby

Thanks to the vitality of youth, often small changes in diet (for the breastfeeding parent or the weaned infant/child) combined with short-term nutritional, herbal or homeopathic assistance (where appropriate) is all that is required for babies and children to return to and maintain good health.

We understand that your child’s illnesses can be stressful – for both you and your child. However, we consider many childhood ailments as normal, inevitable and sometimes necessary challenges to the development of a strong immune system and to some extent, part of their normal learning and development. Our commitment is to help you find the right balance and information to feel confident you are doing your best to support the healthy development of your child.

We can also help you prepare for a natural response to many childhood ailments and accidents in your own home with homeopathic kits for the home and natural remedies for first aid such as: bee stings and insect bites, minor burns, cuts, abrasions and bruises and other minor problems.

We always recommend that you seek treatment for any childhood illness as quickly as possible to avoid chronic conditions developing. The more quickly these issues are addressed, the more successful the treatment outcomes.

If you need further information on introducing solid food, weaning your baby, or immunisation support, our naturopaths can also help you with information, advice and links to resources.

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We also offer a range of other services at Fertile Ground Health Group, including pregnancy counselling, birth debriefing counselling for new parents, postnatal depression counselling, postnatal acupuncture, postnatal massage, mother roasting massage, osteopathy for babies and more. Please explore our range of services online or drop in and visit us at our clinic in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

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