Can osteopathy help during pregnancy?

Absolutely! A large percentage of our patients consult with our highly experienced osteopaths during pregnancy. Most women experience rapid and significant changes as their body adjusts to the increasing load and shape of their pregnant body. These changes bring their own challenges but also play out in the context of a body that might already suffer niggles, pain or struggle with previously existing conditions arising from accidents, stress, etc. These conditions are often exacerbated or changed during pregnancy and osteopaths seek to help the body to accommodate these changes, treat long held and acute problems and bring relief. Our osteopaths will also try to ensure that your pelvis is symmetrical and that your body is well prepared for labour and birth.

How does osteopathy work?

Your osteopath will explain your treatment during their consultation with you – always based on the specific condition you present with. As a general guide, osteopaths work with the soft tissues of the body to facilitate healing, release tension, improve functionality, re-align joints and bones, release stress and restore balance. Osteopathic treatment is often confused with chiropractic or physiotherapy techniques. However, osteopathy is very gentle and seldom involves direct work on the bony structures and rarely involves boney manipulation (though they are trained to be competent in these methods if needed).

Is there an age that is too young to bring the baby in?

No! Our osteopaths are very experienced in the care and treatment of babies, safely and very gently from new born babies to toddlers and older children. Assessment of newborns, babies who experienced trauma or intervention at birth, or babies experiencing feeding problems is part of the daily work of our osteopaths who have done extensive additional training in paediatric care. Most of the osteopathic approaches undertaken by our osteopaths are extremely gentle and this is particularly so with newborns and young children.