Our belief "there is nothing good health is not good for" is ultimately the cornerstone of what we do. Whatever your struggle, whatever your diagnosed condition, improving your overall health will only bring you benefit. Being extremely skilled general health practitioners is essential to all the work our practitioners do.

At Fertile Ground Health Group (FGHG), our aim is to improve the general and reproductive health of both men and women. While our Practitioners have a special interest and skill in the areas of fertility, pregnancy care and baby/child health, they are extremely skilled general health practitioners as well. Our belief that there is nothing good health is not good for is ultimately the cornerstone of what we do. Whatever your struggle, whatever your diagnosed condition, improving your overall health will only bring you benefit, and of course, we should be able to directly treat your presenting conditions as well.

An inherent part of specialising in this area is helping people to become as healthy as they can possibly be. Usually that means working through a range of issues that may be affecting their health – from stress, fatigue and sleep issues through to hormonal, digestive, urinary, cardiovascular, respiratory and skin problems. After your health goals have been realized, we can provide you with ongoing support for your general health and well being.

You don’t have to be pregnant or trying to conceive and you certainly don’t have to be sick or experiencing health problems to consider a consultation at FGHG. Our approach is preventative – we ideally want to see you before big problems arise. One of the great skills of natural medicine practitioners is the capacity to recognize dietary, health and lifestyle factors that may only affect your life in small ways now, but could affect you more seriously later on. Identifying and treating these issues and proactively maintaining your health means you get more healthy enjoyment of life now and less problems associated with stress, aging, poor lifestyle and nutrition as you get older. We believe investing in your health now is one of the best investments you can make!

Many of the men and women who undertake preconception care or fertility treatment are inspired by the improvements or success they have experienced and continue on with FGHG to address ongoing general health needs. We often become the first point of contact for the health concerns of the whole family – mum, dad, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles …

If you feel stressed, fatigued or anxious, have headaches, hayfever, skin or digestive problems, or just experience ongoing niggling health concerns, your general health needs attention.

You can:

  • Create opportunities for relaxation and de-stress with a regular Massage.
  • Address your health, weight, nutritional and lifestyle concerns by speaking with a Naturopath.
  • Find new energy in an Acupuncture consultation.
  • Stretch, straighten and realign your body with Osteopathy
  • And so much more …

Whether yours is a health issue of lifestyle, inheritance, age or environment, our practitioners will individually tailor a program to ensure you achieve your maximum health potential.

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