Acupuncture for Improving Sperm Quality

by Ashley Gordon, FGHG acupuncturist

Do you hate smoking and can’t stop? Found a reason to quit, but you just can’t find the will-power to make it happen? Keep reading and see if Acupuncture could be the helping hand you need…

Like many addictions, what can start off as innocent frolic with fun, can often end up being an extremely difficult habit to kick. Smoking, being the most common of addictions, means that if you are wanting to quit, then you are not alone. Exhausted all of the popular means of trying to end your relationship with cigarettes but to still no success? Then if you haven’t tried Acupuncture, then you are not yet out of options!

In this scenario, we will utilise specific acupuncture points, some relating to your bodily organ functions which may assist you in stopping smoking, but many linked with very important detoxification points in your ear. This is a very popular method among us acupuncturists in addressing the withdrawal/detoxification process in efforts of doing everything in our power to bring you closer to your goal of a cigarette-free life.

Note that this is not a miracle cure and no acupuncturist will claim to help you stop smoking if you don’t want to do it. A “can-do” attitude is THE most important part of this process. Getting over the everyday mental struggle is where the initial steps of this process lie. It’s a team effort, so if you aren’t willing to be a team player, then this may not be for you. Alternatively, if you are on board and want to end your toxic relationship with cigarettes, then the sky is the limit! In my time working at Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery centre, I have seen the difference it makes when you have the support to take positive action, set clear intentions and be held accountable.

This study suggests that acupuncture may help motivated smokers to reduce their smoking or even quit smoking completely.*1 While systematic reviews of data remain inconclusive, I have seen so much benefit for acupuncture to help people stay motivated, on track and supported in their attempt to quit for good. Along with reducing taste and desire, acupuncture supports the body back to good health and vitality in a myriad of other ways, helping you to feel good while your body detoxifies from each cigarette you have smoked in the past

Apart from potentially saying “adios” to these unwanted friends, here are some added benefits of the process:

#1 – Ever heard of Acupressure? Simple to do and you can do it anywhere!! A great technique to help manage cravings – just by massaging your ears… if you are massaging your ears, you can’t possibly be having a cigarette in your hand!

#2 – Acupuncture has been shown to reduce taste for tabacco and the desire to smoke *2

#3 – Not only can acupuncture support your body through the quit smoking process, it may also be helping your organs detoxify simultaneously – it is one thing to treat the symptoms, but why not call in the cavalry to increase your chance of success…

#4 – As there are no medicines, sprays, gums, patches, tablets or pills as part of this process (unless, of course, you chose natural herbal medicine as an additional support), this is an ALL NATURAL approach to ridding yourself of cigarettes.

So if this article speaks to you and you feel as if now is the time to initiate the change you have been wanting to see in your life, then you have nothing to lose by integrating Acupuncture into your quit-smoking campaign… we are waiting for you!

What can you expect?

Overcoming the obstacle of quitting smoking, not only requires determination, but also a high frequency of treatments. Once the cravings start to back off, so does the need for treatment. Of course, every scenario is different and the plan is tailored to each individual’s needs, however, the general plan will look something like this:

Stage One: 3 x treatments in the first 3 days – generally consecutive

Stage Two: 2-3 x treatments per week for 3 weeks, progress depending

Stage Three: 1-2 x treatments per week or fortnight for 3 months, progress depending

As previously mentioned, every plan is different and tailored to the progress and individual needs of the patient. The initial goal of Stage One is to decrease and manage the cravings and potentially the taste of the cigarettes. Following that, in Stage Two, we aim to address decreasing the habit of smoking in everyday-life, and maintaining a ‘no cigarette life’ is the aim of Stage Three. Ensuring that you are supported throughout every stage of your journey is our highest priority, so if you know that now is the right time to give smoking the heave-ho, don’t go it alone. Take the first step by booking in for your initial acupuncture session today.



*1. “Effects of acupuncture on smoking cessation or reduction for motivated smokers”, Preventitive Medicine, Vol. 26, Issue 2, March 1997, p208-214,

*2. “Effect of Acupuncture on Smoking Cessation or Reduction: An 8-Month and 5-Year Follow-up Study”, Preventative Medicine, Vol.33, Issue 5, Nov 2001, p364-372,



Ash-Gordon-colourAshley Gordon is a compassionate, caring and nurturing practitioner with an ear for listening to help people move through their healing. He has a passion for assisting others with the power of Chinese medicine and is dedicated to continued personal learning and education of others. Ashley uses acupuncture and Chinese medicine to treat a wide of range of conditions, but has a special interest in treating pregnancy, fertility issues in both men and women, conditions relating to women’s health and digestive problems.