Avalanche is beautifully written story about Julia’s Leigh’s IVF journey. It discusses many of the issues women face with their fertility, meeting the right partner at the right age, the unexpected desire to have a child at the end of their reproductive years, fertility treatments and the rollercoaster ride it entails from every aspect. I found it entertaining, engrossing and confronting. 

As an Acupuncturist who supports women on this journey, I knew much of it and was grateful for the intimate detail I sometimes  miss out on. Beyond this, it is a love story which metamorphosises into the quest for a child, motherhood and that pure and innocent love that we imagine a baby brings. She also questions the efficacy and morals of the IVF industry; why are the statistics of the clinics held with the Fertility Society of Australia and not shared with the public? Are we aware that it is an industry set up on failure: it’s more likely to be unsuccessful than not. The hope and want for many eggs collected, the precious day 5 embryo that looks good and what does that mean? I highly recommend reading it because it is excellent, and also given we all know friends and acquaintances who face the challenges of this journey. We can have a real taste of what they endure through Avalanche.

LlanaSowter_edited_colourFGHG Acupuncturist Ilana Sowter is highly skilled at assisting women and couples for natural preconception care, preparation for IVF and donor conception, helping them achieve healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Ilana loves to inspire her patients to achieve their goal of becoming a parent while understanding the challenges that one faces along the way. She does this with gentle and skillful application of acupuncture, herbs, diet and lifestyle advice and will happily collaborate with others on your health team including your naturopath and medical specialist.