Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett is a logical, common sense guide to introducing your child to the world of solid foods. Gone are the days of processed, bland cereals and homogenous mush – as adults we don’t get excited by such foods – why would we expect our babies to? BLW is focused on offering babies a variety of finger-sized foods, so they can taste, explore and become acquainted with the same foods that their family are enjoying. BLW gives credit to our babies natural instincts around food, and allows them freedom of choice in regard to taste, texture, colour and smell of foods. Babies who are offered foods in such a way, become much more adventurous in their eating habits, and embrace solid foods in a very positive way. It is also beneficial for hand-eye co-ordination, neurological development, independence and social skills.

This book contains fantastic advice along with stories from parents about their BLW experiences. The authors well and truly cover when to begin offering foods, which foods to offer, and how much to offer, and include information on nutrition, breastfeeding and troubleshooting. I found this book highly beneficial and supportive as I introduced my son to solid foods, and he is now a passionate ‘foodie’ in the making, who is always happy to try weird and wonderful culinary delights.

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