We are thrilled to stock Rhea Dempsey‘s long awaited new book – Birth With Confidence!

For more than 30 years, Rhea’s work with women and couples around transforming pain in labour has positively influenced thousands of births. Her passion and skill as a powerful educator about normal physiological childbirth is captured potently in this book. She is truly a wise woman of our time.

We are thrilled that this book has finally arrived, making available Rhea’s extensive experience and profound perspective on birth in the “labour by-pass era”. Her work has been highly influential to the practice of our specialist practitioners in their understanding of normal birth. Most importantly Rhea has inspired a heartfelt understanding of the challenges facing the birthing woman and the kind and degree of support they will require in this transformative life stage. As a trainer of birth attendants, Rhea’s work is amply represented by our team of practitioners, most of which have undertaken some component of her work, and many work in the community providing essential support to families in health and birth.

Rhea reclaims the language of birth and women’s experiences: reinstating pain, birth and women’s bodies as normal physiological, spiritual and human experiences, rather than a ‘faulty design’ to be avoided, fixed, manipulated. With normal birth under threat from a culture of fear and medicalization, this work is an inspiring investigation of the complex psychological, physical and societal pressures coming to bare on a process we have been successfully experiencing for eons: birth! Rhea’s capacity to shed light on the complex physiological and psychological factors that influence birth is unique, insightful and transformative.

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