Both Tina Jenkins and Gina Fox recently received their Masters of Reproductive Medicine (with Excellence). Here’s a picture of Tina at the graduation ceremony in NSW. Well done ladies!

Here’s what Tina had to say about getting her Masters degree…

“Obtaining a Masters degree has been a long process for me; 4 years of hard work and study alongside my usual consulting work at Fertile Ground and my weekly student clinic supervision for final year naturopathic students. I have always been more academically minded and furthering my knowledge in the very specialized area of fertility was my main inspiration for embarking on the journey towards my Masters. A Masters in Reproductive Medicine requires a Health Sciences degree as a prerequisite along with clinical experience and the course itself is primarily done by GP’s, obstetricians/gynaecologists, nurses and embryologists. All the subjects are medical subjects (Clinical Reproductive Endocrinology, Laboratory Techniques in the IVF lab etc). There were very few naturopaths studying with me, however I was really fortunate to have my Fertile Ground colleague Gina Fox completing it at the same time. Not only did completing my Masters allow me to continually keep up to date with the latest research in the field of fertility, it also allowed me the privilege of learning from some of the great IVF specialists currently working in Australia. All the subjects were taught by renowned IVF and fertility specialists who were all in clinical practice and who were all continually taking part in cutting edge research  in the area of infertility.

I have no doubt that my patients have benefited significantly as a result of this additional training. Not only do I have a much greater depth of knowledge in regards to the medical approach to fertility issues, but I also have a greater knowledge of the latest medical advances in this area. This has not only helped me to work more collaboratively with patient’s medical professionals and specialists but has also allowed a greater level of understanding of  my patients medical issues and their fertility medications.

On another level, it has also enhanced my teaching knowledge so that the students I supervise in student clinic benefit in turn.

Personally it has also been a significant achievement for me. Balancing looking after a young family alongside work commitments (and still trying to have some downtime!) has been an achievement in itself and one of which I am extremely proud.”