Why have counselling around IVF treatment and fertility issues?

It’s a paradox that although IVF treatment can feel so overwhelming with appointments and the ups and downs of the emotional roller-coaster, it can also be an opportunity for personal growth rather than emotional shut down.

This idea links in with the studies of well known research professor Brene Brown around courage, vulnerability and empathy; but how can we be encouraged to embrace feelings like vulnerability and not break down when we’re going through fertility issues or undergoing IVF treatment?

FGHG Perinatal and Fertility Counsellor, Suzanne Hurley discusses these issues with Naturopath Gina Fox and looks at how women and men can endure the IVF process and life’s other reproductive challenges and still keep a healthy perspective.  Listen to the Finding Fertility podcast below for more:

Counselling for Fertility, IVF Support and Beyond