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COVID Recovery Package with Fertile Ground and The Melbourne Apothecary

We are here to help you – it’s what we love to do.

This COVID recovery package is for you if you

  • Want better health, rest and body-wide repair,
  • Are experiencing frayed mental edges that need soothing,
  • Want help to keep your healthy body moving,
  • Want relief, attention and release of areas that experience cyclic or persistent pain,
  • Love to have beautiful restorative sleep,
  • Are keen for DIY home tips on how to keep yourself and your kids healthy,
  • Want insights into how to ramp up the health of your diet and your digestive tract

You may have noticed that we’ve enacted an outpouring of free things to you over the last many months during COVID. We have made a concentrated effort to create free resources for you with love from many of our wonderful practitioners, to support your mind, body, and sense of connection through all the recent challenges and beyond.

These resources have felt like a lifesaver for many people who have felt disconnected, stressed, in pain, anxious and fearful with reverberating body-wide repercussions like restlessness, digestive issues, insomnia, panic attacks, breathing difficulties, muscular pain and more. It’s important that you pay attention to your health with even more precision during stressful times like these.

We are robust and resilient when given the right ingredients for thriving and surviving.


Your COVID Care Package Freebies

We are dedicated to supporting you now and beyond – register for and download any and all of the freebies contained below in our free COVID Recovery Package. We have built all of these resources for you. We will be adding to this often over the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled on our newsletters and Instagram OR Facebook pages so that you can grab each freebie as it comes out.

It is our pleasure and mission to support your glowing health and healing always.


Free 10-minute Naturopathic Wellness Consults

Book here for anyone who needs preventative wellness strategies for immunity, symptomatic relief for an acute condition and general health enquiries. We will, of course, refer you if needed for more complex issues/conditions, but this is a great way to make a start toward your healthier life.


Immune Essentials E-book

Nine simple steps to enhance your health and resilience written by our wonderful naturopathic team.

Access the download here and start taking simple actions every day to improve your immunity and stay well this winter.


Deep Sleep Yin Yoga

Jane Holland, yoga teacher, international retreat facilitator and educator has lovingly created this Deep Sleep online series in collaboration with Fertile Ground at The Melbourne Apothecary.

These yin classes are designed to guide you into your body to fully inhabit sensation, find release and arrive in spaciousness, allowing you to melt tension and move into a deep state of rest. Jane is generously offering to everyone to come and experience their first class free.

Register for your first free class and get ready for the rest 😴 of your life.


Winter wellness Super Soups RecipEbook

This fabulous Super Soups Ebook has been built for you with love by Naturopath Tina Jenkins. Do you want to ramp up your Winter wellness in an oh-so-delicious way??  If so, make sure you grab your copy here.


Acupressure for Stress Relief

Stressed? Understatement of the year perhaps.

Download this wonderful Acupressure for Stress Relief Guide from Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine practitioner and Naturopath, Holly Peyton-Smith (thanks so much Holly).

Grab it fresh out of the digital inbox and take therapeutic action to slay your stress.


Movement Therapy

AbunDance is weekly movement classes run by enchanting Katy Woods in collaboration with and for Fertile Ground Health Group and The Melbourne Apothecary. It’s for women at any stage of fertility or motherhood in mind and for any other folk who feel called to explore their healthy movement expression. Katy is a multidisciplinary performance artist and movement facilitator with a Bachelor in Contemporary Dance. We are SO thrilled every week to join Katy on zoom with this new online series – AbunDance

Classes run on Wednesdays 5.30pm-6.15pm. You can attend as a drop-in or on a monthly membership pass. Katy has graciously offered everyone’s first class free.

Register for your first free class and dip your toe into the world of new movement possibility.


Pelvic Girdle Pain relief 

Do you experience Pelvic Girdle Pain?

Common symptoms of Pelvic Girdle Pain include sharp, stabbing or grabbing pain that is aggravated climbing up and down stairs, getting dressed/undressed, rolling over in bed, getting in and out of the car, extended periods standing, sitting or walking and pain on sexual intercourse.

If you suspect you do then go ahead and register for the free 5 minute video of exercises to relieve pelvic girdle pain made with love by our Fertile Ground Osteopath, Nicole Cukierman.


Free Buteyko Starter Pack for Healthier Mask Breathing & Nervous System Relief

Mask wearing and mask breathing is really hard. Why? Much of it is to do with carbon dioxide which, when understood and used to your advantage, can actually be used to improve your health rather than hinder it. In fact it can be part of the solution to many health issues beyond respiratory protection. Use this Starter Pack to begin to address your foundational respiratory health.

The Starter Pack includes 3 x 15 minute Buteyko embedded meditations and comprehensive instructions about duration, frequency, what to expect as results. Made with love by our breath specialist naturopath Carly Woods

Carly has also made a hilarious and informative online quiz entitled ‘Are you a Dirty Mouth Breather?’ So go ahead and find out – are you a Dirty Mouth Breather?


Gua Sha for Tension Release

Brilliant Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Kim Riley, has created for you a superbly practical ‘Gua Sha for Tension Release’ 10 minute video.

Use this technique to help make your angry knots more like happy clouds. Get your video here.


Naturopathic Immune Help for Kids

Paediatric and Family Naturopath, Sarah Harris, has made a fabulous DIY immune booster guide for the family. It is entitled ‘Your Back to School Health Guide’. Regardless of whether your kids are at school or at home you can apply Sarah’s practical principles to get better health results at home.

Get your copy here.


Good Gut Resources

Freya Lawler, Naturopath and Functional Nutritionist, has put together two practical and fantastic resources to help you hone your gut health.

Ever wondered if you’re absorbing the nutrients from the food you eat? Try an easy and effective way of measuring your gastrointestinal transit time.

This test can reveal a lot in terms of whether you are digesting your food appropriately, absorbing the nutrients from your food or whether you might be reabsorbing nasty toxins and hormones (that should have been expelled). Your results will play a huge role in understanding if your skin concerns, hormonal imbalances or fatigue might be caused by your gut.

Download Your Guide to a Healthier Gut to get the 4 easy steps to do this transit time test at home.

Freya has also built a fun and informative quiz to help you find the answer to – “How Good is Your Gut?”


Key Nutrients for Pregnancy Guide

Freya Lawler, Naturopath and Functional Nutritionist, has put together another brilliant resource to help you understand  what some of the key nutrients required during pregnancy are and find out what foods to integrate into your diet in order to obtain them.

Download your free Key Nutrients for Pregnancy Guide.


Phew! That’s A LOT of resources for healthy living that you can use right now or access later as you need. Feel welcome to share it with your friends too – these resources are for everyone.

Have a great time consuming all of these wonderful resources packed full of actionable health-enhancing goodness. Thank you to all of our loving practitioners and team for putting these together for our community so quickly and with such care.

Brought to you by Carly Woods Director, Naturopath and Breath Specialist, Fertile Ground Health Group and The Melbourne Apothecary.