Fertility massage is for you – whether you are trying to conceive naturally or planning a medically assisted cycle (Clomid, IUI, IVF, ICSI). 

In a one hour treatment, your practitioner will relieve any stress or tension in your shoulders and upper back and give important focus to your lower back, sacrum, pelvic areas and hip flexors, abdominal and reproductive area around your womb. They utilise a powerfully relaxing combination of non-invasive deep tissue massage techniques, stretching, mobilisation, reproductive reflexology, aromatherapist-formulated essential oil blend and warm wheat bags, all individualised to your needs for your treatment. 

Fertility massage aims to increase blood circulation to assist in improving the availability of nutrients to growing follicles and the quality of the endometrial lining as it develops, as well as support the removal of the body’s cellular and inflammatory byproducts.

Focused in the follicular phase from menstruation to ovulation or egg collection, these fertility focused techniques aim to ease restrictions, stagnation, pelvic adhesions (and scarring over time if needed), restore mobility and function to the whole area and improve overall health. The synergistic blend of techniques chosen for you aims to reduce pain and cramping both immediately and over time, move fluid retention and bloating, improve digestion, elimination, detoxification and abdominal discomfort, relieve stress and promote relaxation too. 

Regardless of where you are at on your fertility journey – at the very beginning or after a long and winding road, the massage will be tailored to your needs as well as the stage of the cycle you are in now. It is suitable at any stage of a natural or ART/IVF cycle, and will be adjusted appropriately for menstruation, follicular or stimulation phase, fertile window or egg collection/transfer phase or while you are waiting for your pregnancy test. 

Most of all, a fertility massage appointment will give you time out for you. Time to reconnect with your whole self, your heart and your womb. Time to release and let go. Time to honour what is. Time to surrender to what will be. Time to breathe. All the while, knowing you are doing something positive to support your fertility outcomes. 

If you have more time available, a 1.5 hour fertility massage will nourish your whole body, incorporating more of your limbs, hands and feet, neck and shoulders and head massage too. 

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