Written by Michelle Lowe, FGHG Massage Therapist

Fertility Massage is a deeply relaxing and nurturing massage that combines various techniques to help realign your sacral energies and physical body. It is a gentle, natural and non-invasive massage that is suitable for people who are trying to fall pregnant, who suffer from menstrual conditions causing pain and discomfort or have a menstrual condition that may be affecting the outcome for fertility.

Fertility massage aims to release tension within the abdominal muscles, soft tissue and pelvic area that may be impinging on the function of your reproductive system. Through massage and other gentle techniques, we can improve circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, nervous and immune system function, decrease tension within the area and aim to create a more harmonious environment that can help to enable a healthy pregnancy.

Fertility massage helps to improve the flow of circulation as well as break down any scar tissue within and around the reproductive and digestive systems, allowing for more blood flow to nourish the area. With increased circulation comes increased nutrient delivery and removal of metabolic waste. This means that the ovaries and the eggs produced are healthier and makes for a more favourable uterine environment for fertilisation and implantation to occur.

What to expect during a Fertility Massage

A typical fertility massage will consist of massage to the gluteal (buttock) muscles, lower back and abdomen from the pubic bone up to the bottom of the rib cage. Depending on what your goals are, where you are within your cycle, and if you are undergoing any IVF or fertility treatment, the uterine area may be avoided.

Pulsing (gentle and rhythmical rocking) may also be applied during a massage, releasing emotional tension and dissipating body armouring. It also gently encourages fascia in the body, which wraps around every muscle and organ, to release and relax. This allows a misaligned uterus to ‘shimmy’ back into her rightful place.

To complete each session, a ceremonial rebozo wrapping takes place to help bring your whole self back into your body, helping you to feel more centered and grounded. It’s a wonderful experience being wrapped up as you feel supported and free to let go of all your troubles.

After a treatment, most women will report that they feel deeply relaxed, centered, light and good within their body. It’s a sensation that many women experience differently, but find hard to express. However, most women will likely feel more relaxed, calm and better physically and emotionally. It is important to acknowledge that as we shift the energies we hold within us, we may experience emotional and/ or physical releases after a treatment – this is just one of the ways the body gets rid of what no longer serves us.

Best time to have a treatment

You can receive fertility massage at any stage of your menstrual cycle or IVF cycle, however at certain times and depending on your fertility journey. individual circumstances or symptoms, we may avoid treatment around the womb. We will discuss this along with any other considerations before each massage treatment to ensure best outcomes for you.

The best time to come in is after the last day of your bleed and before you ovulate (the follicular phase of your cycle), allowing your practitioner to treat all areas.



Michelle Lowe, Remedial, Fertility & Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Michelle utilises all her knowledge, skills and past experiences to determine the best treatment for all patients. She understands that everyone has different influences and demands in their life and finds that not all techniques and advice work for everyone, which is why she develops a treatment plan that best suits an individual’s needs. There’s nothing that makes Michelle happier than knowing that she has helped someone to achieve their desired outcome for their health and wellbeing.