Fertility Meditations

We have yet another exciting launch to share with you – Charmaine and Gina’s Be Fertile guided meditation project tracks have just become available on Spotify!

The Be Fertile meditation series has been a love project for these two wonderful leaders at Fertile Ground over the last decade. They have created and added to the series over time.

Both of these women are naturopathic fertility experts who have experienced the direct benefit of meditation in their own healing journeys. Charmaine and Gina both felt driven by a need to create something powerful to support their patients struggling to conceive. They wanted to create an option that patients could use at home everyday.

We know it is not ever easy to “just relax”. Especially if you have found it harder to conceive than you ever thought possible. Listening to these guided mediations everyday really helps.

In clinic at Fertile Ground, our acupuncturists play the appropriate tracks for wherever their patients are at in their health or fertility journey with us, to enhance the benefits of their treatments. Our patients have always been able to purchase the CDs – and now they are available on Spotify for the easiest access ever!

They really are an awesome resource for all of us. Thank you Charmaine and Gina!

How do I access them?

You will need to have a Spotify account. Spotify Premium is best if you have it but you can still listen for free if not.

In Spotify, search “Be Fertile” as an artist and all of the albums and tracks will come up for you to listen to, download or create your own playlists.

For ease of use, we have created all the playlists for you. Follow this link or search “fertilegroundhealthgroup” in Spotify to find the playlists for where you are up to in your fertility cycle, pregnancy or life in general – and press play.

In the playlists, we have included the meditation track followed up a couple of instrumental tracks in case you want to keep meditation going for yourself – or simply fall asleep without going onto another meditation that isn’t what you need to hear.

There are also some incredibly good music playlists for your general relaxation that we use in the clinic you are welcome to acces too. So many hours of relaxing tunes including the whole playlist for Jane’s Monday night online Deep Sleep Yin Yoga. So. Good.

To access them all, go to this link, or search fertilegroundhealthgroup in Spotify.

FYI – you can use Spotify without paying, you will just have to manage skipping to the right tracks as it will only play on shuffle (and ignore the ads!).

Can I tell people this is available?

If you can think of any ways to help us spread the word, we would be so grateful. Do you blog? Or contribute to any fertility or pregnancy forums or Facebook groups? Or do you know anyone else creating a family? We would LOVE it if you could take the time to write something recommending these tracks to people who need them.

Thank you.

What tracks are available on Spotify?

Be Fertile guided relaxation and meditation – any time you need it, where ever you are – for:

IVF – to support each phase of the IVF cycle, stimulation, transfer and the 2 week wait
Natural conception – when it is taking longer than expected to conceive, with a track for each phase of the cycle
Relaxation for men trying to conceive – for men with infertility or struggling to conceive with their partner, with Jared Osborne from Embodying Man

Early pregnancy – for women who have experienced difficulty conceiving or a miscarriage, with 3 tracks for the first trimester that can be used during your whole pregnancy
Nausea – guides patients to learn breathing skills and visualisation to manage nausea in pregnancy
Breech Baby – creates calm and a relaxed spaciousness, to help the baby to turn
Due Dates / Overdue Baby – is for the last few weeks of pregnancy

Breastfeeding – anytime post-birth for calmness, connection and bonding, milk let down and flow

Sleep – for anyone who struggles with sleep. Either getting to sleep or waking too early (not fertility specific).


Download your acupuncture multi-bed playlists

PS. If you are booked for acupuncture with us, especially in the beautiful new Multibed, bring your own headphones and music player – probably your phone. Don’t worry if you don’t have it though – we will have backup iPods for you (can you remember what they even are??) with all of these playlists and more.

Headphones and eye covers help the experience feel even more private, even though you are sharing a healing space with others.

If you have Spotify, you can download the meditation you need for the stage of your natural cycle, IVF cycle, pregnancy or general health before your appointment, as well as some really cool and deeply relaxing music playlists if you prefer to tune out altogether.
You will need Spotify Premium to download them so you can turn your phone to flight mode and get the most out of your relaxation time. Search for fertilegroundhealthgroup to find our playlists favourites.

What people are saying

“Loved the CD, it was a life saver. This is my 3rd pregnancy, but first that has made it past first trimester. That CD kept me going and helped me deal with my fears of losing a Bub again. “ 

– Sophie, pregnant woman

“After trying to fall pregnant for 3 and a half years I had almost given up hope. I had listened to many relaxing visualisation CDs and nothing made a difference. I still felt very stressed and anxious. Until I listened to your CD, which was real, and I was able to relate to everything that was said on the CD. I am proud to say that having listened to the CD for 2 weeks prior to a transfer I fell pregnant and truly believe the CD made an enormous difference to my mental state and being able to fall pregnant. Thank you so much for all your support.”

— Amanda, IVF patient

“I have to tell you how much I love that CD! I think meditation is beneficial anyway, but to have one that is tailored for an IVF cycle is fantastic. I listened to the stim part during my injections, then the transfer one while I was waiting for my transfer, and I’ve been listening to the 3rd part since Monday, and during acupuncture as well. I especially like listening to it during acupuncture, it’s a winning combination! My next acupuncture appointment is tomorrow, hopefully to coincide with implantation!”

— Debbie, IVF patient

“I have found these relaxations to be truly exceptional. During, I feel amazingly still and calm – floating in the moment. A profound relaxation and stillness but not drowsy. Being an anxious type, have have gained so much from using this CD daily. I gain a deep sense of trust and safety that lasts for the whole relaxation and afterwards. Magic.”

— Lisa, IVF patient