After going through menarche at 17 years of age and proceeding with a persistently irregular cycle (6 months – 1 year), I naturally concluded I was not of the breeding kind. As this didn’t bother me so much at such an immature age.

At 23 I was diagnosed with PCOS after a an ultra-sound showing multiple follicles and blood tests showing high testosterone with high free-androgen index. I was more upset then I ever would have expected. I was referred to a gynaecologist who told me to take the Pill. With no desire to do so I quickly moved on to see an endocrinologist in Sydney. This doctor took a different approach and put me on a little cocktail of Androcur and Oestrodial. Ignorantly, but glad not to be on the pill I took them both for one and a half years with no period. After I found out on the internet that Androcur was given to sex offenders, I ended my relationship with Androcur and Oestrodial.

Six months after stopping Androcur, my testosterone levels remained lower than before but were beginning to rise. I put up with the irregularities, or put them to the back of my mind until I moved to China when I was 27. In China I took regular herbs and had a more relaxing lifestyle. After about 8 months my period started to show every 2-3 months! Then upon coming home my hormones weren’t so decisive and I skipped a few periods.

One day in mid 2013 I read an article in the Fertile Ground Health Group newsletter by Tina Jenkins about PCOS, so I made an appointment.

At this stage my Free Testosterone was 20.16, FSH 5.2 and LH 28.7. My first 1st full cycle I had under Tina’s care, was a picture perfect 26 day cycle. I was very compliant with the herbs and supplements, as well as a no dairy, gluten, or sugar PCOS diet. The subsequent cycles were anywhere between 32-38 days and I tracked ovulation each month.

In November I had my hormones re-checked Free Testo 13, FSH5, LH6.3 which had improved significantly. Then later in the month a few weeks prior to my 30th I decided to TTC as I thought it was going to be a long hard road and everyone always says its better to try sooner rather than later. That month I ovulated somewhere between day 22-29 and haven’t had a period yet! I can now confirm that I am about 16 weeks pregnant and completely thrilled!

I’d like thank Tina for giving my story such a wonderful end.

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