By Gina Fox (FGHG naturopath) and Charmaine Dennis (FGHG naturopath and director)

Are you feeling anxious, worried and wondering what you can do for support while you wait for your pregnancy test after embryo transfer? No more appointments now and feeling a bit lost and second guessing whether or not you’re pregnant? Confused with the amount of conflicting information on the internet about what’s safe or helpful and what’s not? What should you eat? How much exercise should you do? Is bed rest best? Should you take time off work? How do you cope with the waiting and the not knowing? What can you do to ease the tension? Common sense and informed answers to these questions (and more) are discussed in this episode of Finding Fertility Podcast by Fertile Ground Health Group naturopaths Gina Fox and Charmaine Dennis.

Feel calmer around the IVF 2 week wait, knowing a few of the dos and don’ts. Enjoy a short guided relaxation in the mix too.

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